Happy times!

Assalamu alaikum! (Peace be upon you)

Alhamdulillah after a gorgeous restful day I was enjoying some beautiful pieces of music and thought I had better share it.. as ‘sharing is caring’ right 🙂

The first is Kareem Salama’s ‘A land called paradise’.. I love the video, its so representative of the Muslim community in North America and breaks down false preconceptions so well. Isn’t it amazing what art can do and how art talks to all people, so easily overcomes barriers. I also love the lyrics, its true that there is a great deal to thank God about for the place we live in. I grew up in the east and now call Canada my home. I feel so blessed… and I want to emphasize blessed… to be here. Subhahanallah, such a beautiful place and where there is social justice (I understand there are many issues yet to be worked on, but the emphasis is on the fact that there is a method allowing us to work on them. If you want to effect change, you are given the space to do so, this is precious). Before going on too long, I was walking in the woods and felt how grateful I was to be in a country with a serious Park Board that looks after these parks. Where people actually do pick up their own litter! Very ‘Muslim’ 🙂 MashaAllah
Here is the song.. interestingly Kareem Salama is an American of Egyptian parents who sings country music! He has a gorgeous song called ‘generous peace’ (the meaning of his name) and one on Mariam (alaihi salam), Mary, may peace be upon her. One of the best of woman-kind and our beloved, who according to the Muslim belief, will be one of the first women to enter Paradise. It’s a beautiful song called ‘Lady Mary’. Easily youtube-able.

The other song is ‘out seeing the fields’ by the time-less peace of Dawud Wharnsby Ali. I sometimes think if he hadn’t become Muslim early, he’d have been the new Cat Stevens! I especially love the line in this song where he says ‘I only feel guided when I’m free to question why’

Subhahanallah! and the best way to learn is to question is it not? 🙂


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