‘O Muslim, your honour lies in humility before Allah and your strength lies in weakness before Allah’

I listened to this beautiful talk by Sh Yasir Qadhi today. Alhamdulillah, it is a beautiful call to faith in the kindness, compassion, beauty and love of our Creator. We often and easily forget that Allah has told us He loves it when we ask of Him. What bounty that is, that our Creator, the only Creator that exists, is one of Love. Real love, that is watching out for those loved…not one to make us and forget us. And then what sadness, deep deep sadness contemplating the individual who has forgotten Allah and then Allah has in turn forgotten him/her (it is important to understand that the forgetting begins with the creation and never the Creator)
It has been a difficult time in my life the past few days and listening to this helped me very much. Therefore I thought I would share it, in case it helps you too :).
But you know what is most profound, in this time of many burdens coming at the same time, all it has done is renewed my faith, washed my heart clean of dirt and reminded me of what is important. We are all here to try to be better people, to try and elevate our souls to that highest level, that highest level that is the reflection of the divine. To polish our souls so we like mirrors, reflect the light of Allah subhahana ta’ala. Some of us are given children to teach us this, some parents who are elderly and need us, others the sick to look after, yet others personal difficulty. And so pushed to go to the source of all love, and that too the pushing a very act of love. And then when nudged in to coming close to Allah, when we feel the incredible strength of that closeness with our Lord, what strength and comfort that is! How phenomenal the qualities of Allah are in their perfection. Allahu akber, I say that with deep love.

The title of this post is from the closing comments of the talk… it is so true, our real honour lies in humility before the One who bestows honour and our real strength comes when we acknowledge our weakness before our Creator. Is this not the quality we see in deeply spiritual people, great scholars, priests, rabbis, monks… that they are all so devoid of self and only a reflection of all that is from God.

May God make us all deserving of His grace and teach us to be better.