Purifying my gaze…hijab

Found written sometime ago and posting now. A constant reminder to me inshaAllah

Purifying my gaze
No, I don’t mean not
looking at that half naked
figure on the billboard by the street
I meant inside.
That when I stand in prayer
I don’t see the carpet
But my Lord’s face.

That I don’t see the mistakes of the worshiper next to me
But only the angels on her either side.

That when I eat
I don’t see the food that makes my mouth water
But the baraka upon me, and my neighbour
who needs me to share it.

That when I teach
I don’t see the rapt attention on my student’s
face, swelling up my pride
But I see the deep truth of what I talk about
And I’m in sujood, inside.

So I purify my gaze
And the hijab on my head is simple
Sometimes it is nothing at all,
A head bowed low
Deeply ashamed of my weakness
Deeply grateful for Thy grace
I walk this earth in modesty
And purify my gaze.

Copyright- January 2011. JoyManifest’s Blog. F R Zahir

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