Struggling for patience

A little gem of a talk after a hard day, nay, many hard days (:) ) struggling for patience as I hope in the promise of my Lord. I want to keep that hope strong so I do not despair. Despair leads to depression and then an easy entry for the whispering devil. The believer is strong in belief and therefore never despairs. What a glorious state to be in!

Patience is so hard to achieve isn’t it? It’s so easy to be excited about something and go rushing in and then so hard to keep at it and persevere. Is that why ‘patience and perseverance’ often come in the Quran together. Our merciful glorious Creator who knows human kind well, Subhahanata’ala!

MashaAllah another reason to admire and learn from the recent happenings in Egypt; 18 days is a very long time to maintain a struggle, and that too against such seemingly insurmountable odds! Allah is Great. Victory truly is with the patient. I will try harder. Keep me in your du’a please, in constant need of it. My du’a for you all too. Allah help us be patient

By the way, the scholars classify the root virtue of patience as being courage. Isn’t that very wise. It takes great courage to be patient. In fact all the lives of the prophets (peace and blessings be upon them all) is a testimony to patience. All of them toiled hard against many obstacles and all of them mashaallah ta’alah saw their reward toward the end (and we believe this will also be for Jesus, upon whom be peace and our beloved, who will return to live a good life and see great success)