What a billion Muslims Think – The Gallup Poll in Documentary

Many many thanks to Seeking Hidaya for posting this on her site. I stumbled across it and wanted to share it here. It’s the documentary showcasing the Gallup poll of Muslim countries. Well worth the watch, don’t miss it. Many many points in it ring true and are all topic headings of their own, inshaAllah one day to return to.

But in light of what is going on in the Muslim world now (and coming from just as much an ‘outsider’ as the average non-Muslim, in so much that I too have never lived in a Muslim majority country, and I too practice my faith almost as if I came to it as a ‘convert’ i.e., no family background of Islam in any serious sense etc) I think its most topical to watch this. We seem to be witnessing the truth of it coming out; that most Muslims want democracy, the right to self govern, human rights, free speech and human dignity upheld. May God almighty help us all.

I cannot insert it embed it here. So the links are below.

Source video at snagfilms

And twitter link

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