Signs of the last day

Peace be with you all, Assalamu alaikum,

The news continues to be bad. Not just bad in one sphere, but in many ways and at the same time it seems. The conflicts and political disturbances seem to be growing and the number/scale of natural disaster increasing. I don’t want to seem to be ‘scandal mongering’ or trying to make this post sensational in anyway, but I do wonder what you feel about how all this works in terms of the signs of the last day?

I grew up in a country in conflict (but relatively sheltered from the worst of it masha’Allah) and am not a stranger to hardship, both physical and emotional. Now masha’Allah living in this protected western country sometimes I wonder if I am becoming immune to the suffering of others. Whether the ‘unfamiliarity’ of the suffering keeps me away from a real empathy. Sometimes I wonder if I am really living here. For in the east, it seemed life was more real and consequently death was more real. Suffering and joy was real and empathy was real. And knowing how fragile life really is, our awareness of our place in the universe more real… and somehow, in some strange way, instead of depression by all this, what was the outcome was peace in the heart. Like we didn’t have to wonder, only to live. Only to live. I miss those days and hope I am not too accustomed to the ‘luxury’ of life in the west (e.g., hot water showers, affordable food and a variety of it). On another note, perhaps the east is now full of these luxuries too :), and like here, the people are being rocked in to a false somnambulant state.

I feel that the need to distribute the wealth of the world evenly is becoming urgent and extreme. Having experienced first hand the incredible rift between ‘haves’ (typified by the West) and the ‘have-nots’ (typified by the East) and now with this knowledge so widely spread (that is more people becoming aware of this, or one hopes that is what is happening) that more is not done is a sign of the depravity of the times? Allah protect us. I do however also feel that the good are getting ‘gooder’ and the bad, left to their devices often becoming ‘worse’. The former is a source of strength, hope and joy and should not be underestimated in any way.

It really does seem that things don’t make sense anymore and can’t be made sense of in any comprehensive manner. And that, more than anything else, is why I wonder if the signs of the last day are coming one after the other with increasing frequency. I would love to know anyone’s thoughts on this.

For your reference here is a site that has the signs of the last days with references at least for many of them. Not all the ahadith quoted are sahih, and they don’t confirm if they are hasan. But most seem to be from the ‘sihah sittha’ (the six most rigourous/well regarded books of hadith).

To end, a few lines below, hoping it makes some sense :), but only really wanting to say that prayer is refuge at these times.

Peace through the night in prayer,
My heart feels yet I am unable to utter,
Struck dumb by terror
A glimpse of the immensity of Thy power
Of what could be of us all.
Yet the prayer, unjolted
continues, somehow in my heart, it continues
and soon swells to words on the lips
O Lord, only because of the hope
that knowing You are ar-Rahman brings.
Peace through the night in prayer.

Allah (God) protect and forgive and teach us all.

Copyright 2011. JoyManifest’s blog. F R Zahir

4 thoughts on “Signs of the last day

  1. Assalamualaikum Sister 🙂
    I am in tandem with you that prayer is indeed refuge.
    As for thoughts of the last day, from the link you provided, the line “The nations of the earth will gather against the Muslims like hungry people going to sit down to a table full of food. This will occur when the Muslims are large in number, but “like the foam of the sea”. ” struck me most as it seems to bear resemblance to the state of our world today, no?
    The list reminds me of the many times I was warned as a child that Qiamat is nearing. I used to wonder why it was that such scary things be used to teach one to worship Allah. Today, to me, while it is useful to know, I rather not focus on how soon Qiamat is because I think we should love try to worship because we love Allah and not because we fear His wrath.
    So instead of asking whether the signs of Qiamat are increasing, I think it useful to ask ourselves if our love for Allah has translated into increasing deeds of worship.
    Just my two cents!


    1. I love your ‘two cents’ as you say! I think what you have written is worth very much more though 🙂 :). Jazaki Allah Khair. Yes, I to disagree with increasing in fear and heartily join you to say its a time to increase in love for our Creator. For me, seeing these things unfold is a source of wonder almost. I’ve heard some people panic and say we should stop this and that, else the last day will come etc, but I don’t agree with that attitude. After all how can we stop what is decreed. We can only learn from it by observing. And indeed we all have to face that day sometime so its better to prepare for it. And you so rightly said, preparing for it means increasing in love and devotion to our Lord and Cherisher. I love the following ayah for it emphasizes the focus on the state of our heart for that day
      ‘The Day when neither wealth nor children shall profit, [and when] only he [will be saved] who comes before God with a sound heart [free of evil]. (Quran 26:88-89)’
      And how can one have a ‘qalbus-saleem’ (sound heart, heart in peace) except if it is sure of its relationship with the Almighty.

      Jazaki Allah Khair again sister and may we help each other in increasing in taqwa and may our loving Lord help us all. Alaikum salam warahmatullah 🙂


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