Al-Jabbar- Mending the Broken Heart (via Healing Hearts)

Mashaallahu ta’ala that this was written, and then that I find it here on a blog I am subscribed to. I’ve been away in the UK for a few days and caught this on Imam Webb’s website just before leaving. It was a wonderful read and I had to share it with my email brothers and sisters. Unfortunately I couldn’t add it on here then. Now Mashaallah Sr. Sidra has made it easy by posting it up on hers, and I am grateful to be able to reblog this very beautiful article. I would term it essential reading!
Allah guide and help us all

Al-Jabbar- Mending the Broken Heart Al-Jabbar- Mending the Broken Heart by Jinan Bastaki Taken from Imam Suhaib Webb's blog In our journey to gain tranquility of the heart, we explored what we need to know when faced with difficult situations. We need to understand that Allah has told us we will be tested, that these tests are for a reason, and that there will be relief insha’Allah (God willing). When we are worried thinking about the future, we need to work hard but have full trus … Read More

via Healing Hearts