My first blogging award (s)! Made my week!!

I was incredibly humbled to receive these awards from a dear sister some time ago. MashaAllahu ta’ala. One of the earliest blogs I ever read and one of my favourite bloggers, Sendie, included me in her pass the award on to list. Wow, that sure is a something feeling. Mashaallah indeed!

And very many thanks Sendie…Among the conditions of accepting these awards – VERSATILE BLOGGER & INCREDIBLY SWEET BLOGGER – is that they be passed on. Now I truly do wish I could pass them on back to Sendie! (is that allowed BTW? 🙂 ). For her posts are very sweet, full of sunshine, she shares her every day life, wise insights, sense of fun and humour and all round ‘spread the love’ feeling effortlessly and very very generously. God bless her for it. And I’m so happy I found her blog way back when I did, indeed reading hers gave me a lot of encouragement to come out and share as I do here. Do visit her blog, it’s aptly named ‘Sunflowerslady’… that’s Sendie alright!

The rules in accepting these awards are as follows:


Link to person who gave you award Link to person who gave you award

List 7 random facts about yourself Display Award

Pass award on to 15 new bloggers List 5 truths about yourself

Let bloggers know they won Pass award on to 5 bloggers

I’ll also have to tweak the rules a bit… I don’t know so many bloggers and yes very much a newbie here too am I! I’ll list the 7 random facts and pass the awards on to the following bloggers.

1. I’m in love with Jasmines, Gardenia’s and all flowers of white hue. Not to say I don’t love all and any type of flower. But the white blossoms are special-er! Ooh, and I’m going to categorize Cherry blossoms as white 🙂
2. Something I relish is a ride on my scooter along the streets of Colombo. My little scooty pep has a mean throttle though, she’s not slow by any means. Riding that bike in flowy Muslim-lady garb (safe of course) makes my day. Sigh, how I wish it were warm enough to ride a bike in this Country.
3. I can’t decide if I’d like to build that dream house by the beach or in the mountains. It’s a question that has been plaguing me for years now ;), thanks to God, years passed being perfectly happy living in the little houses/rooms I have been blessed to call home.
4. When I go to a mall… ahem, if and when I rarely go to a mall… I make a straight line to the store I want, get what I want and exit as fast as I possibly can. I’ve read that is masculine and not feminine behaviour. I prefer to think of it as time management.
5. I’ll cook any day, but cleaning is a bane.
6. I tend to have a favourite pair of shoes and wear it thin before getting another one. A pair a year usually works. But needing different shoes for different season is a pain
7. I hate (well maybe hate is a tad too strong a word, but you get the point) blow dryers, and leaf blowers, and anything that makes all that noise
8. I want to hang-glide (bought a deal to do so, can’t wait!) and fly a plane one day inshaAllah. All and anything to do with flight mesmerizes me. – That’s one more random fact than asked for, but I couldn’t hold it back.

Like Sendie, I too love it that I can pass these awards on. Here are my chosen recipients. In random order;

1. Sidra Mushtaq – Healing Hearts. I can’t recall how I stumbled upon her blog. But I remember subscribing immediately. Her writing and the articles/quotes she compiles and shares are so full of teaching and reminders. Alhamdulillah, a truly blessed healing. On behalf of so many of us Sidra, Thank you. Jazaki Allah Khair. Please don’t ever stop your blog.

2. Seeking Hidaya , a beautiful blog from a beautiful sister. Her sincerity, genuineness and ‘active and true’ approach to life has been an inspiration and a strength. I love to her posts and read all she shares. Thank you for being you and for sharing that with the wold my sister!

3. And for Dr. Hassaballa of ‘God, faith and a pen: basking in His Love’ . Dr Hassaballa’s is an award winning blog and he is a well published author. So this is a small offering but nevertheless his work is something I really do want to acknowledge and write of, so here’s including you Dr. Hassaballa, you inspire and strengthen many of us! Lucky are those who get to hear your sermons, and for so courageously sharing the pain you have been through with the loss of your daughter, we honour you.

Keeping writing everyone and thank you Sendie. For the beautiful and humbling words, if there is any good in me it is from Allah alone. May He give us all tawfeeq to continue and grow in His Love and Mercy.

3 thoughts on “My first blogging award (s)! Made my week!!

  1. As-salamu’alaykum,
    This was such a beautiful surprise and Healing Hearts is so honoured to be receiving this award. WOW, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with your generous comments, but all praise belongs to Allah alone as He is the One who provides and makes our paths cross with people who impact us and help us through this life.
    Please keep me in your blessed duas.
    Much love and hugs,
    Sidra 🙂


  2. Dear Sister,
    I am so touched to receive this from you. I am most touched by the words you have used to describe my blog. When I set out to share my thoughts, to inspire was exactly my aspiration. You have made me feel like my work has been true to my intentions, Alhamdulillah.
    Thank you and much love,


  3. So much love and hugs to my beautiful sisters back!!! It’s you who have inspired me!! Allah bless you both with much success and every happiness in this world and in the next.
    Yay!!! so happy here 🙂


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