Riz Khan show on Radicalization in the USA

Assalamu alaikum, peace be with all!

I came across this episode of the Riz Khan show recently. By the way if you don’t watch the Riz Khan show, I do recommend it highly. Riz who used to be a CNN newscastor and now has his own show on AlJazeera English, has a very affable personality. He is always pleasant to watch and the range of issues he covers quite varied not to mention interesting. I particularly like the questions he asks and the guests he chooses to address a particular topic. Case in point; Sheikh Hamza Yusuf to answer to the recent hearings about radicalization of Muslims in the USA. [Re the actual hearings, I like I suspect many Muslims, was left scratching my head going ‘what?!’ when I heard of them. But I’ll admit it, I’m worried too…sometimes it feels like no matter how much or how often we say we condemn terrorrism and hate it all the more that it is done by these vicous mindless maniac-perpertrators who butcher the name of Islam in such a discpicable way…it feels like no one is listening. I guess some people just don’t want to hear.]

Here it is, it’s very good listening. Thank God we have scholars like sheikh Hamza out there and may he and others like him be given the due media they deserve. May all of us 1.4999999/1.5 billion peaceful Muslims be given the media we deserve. How nice it would be if there were proportionate and responsible media coverage. What a change it would be from the fear-mongering so rampant from today’s media giants.

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