2 thoughts on “DEATH OF BIN LADIN

  1. To all humanity, regardless if you think you’re flawless or not:

    In the words of Russian writer/ thinker Lev (Leo) Tolstoy: “It is impossible to weigh or measure the evil that results from false belief. Religion is the establishment of a relationship between man and God and the universe, and the definition of man’s purpose that results from it. What would man’s life be like if this relationship and resulting definition were false???”

    No one man alone (i.e. Bin Laden) could effect so must chaos across the entire globe, therefore all humanity needs to seriously question their relationship with the Creator and the rest of creation. Since all humanity bore witness to this chaos, we’re all accountable for its results. The act of Bin Laden’s death should not be considered a result or a solution; it should be felt as a violent shaking of our soul.


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