Ramadan rhymes -2

Now adjusted to the fast
Yet tired, the body
has lost weight and is lite

Uncluttered body
Now able to see, what it is
to behold God, even a glimpse
caught through long nights of prayer

Ramadan nights
Are passing, over half are gone
But the soul is refreshed

Re-acquainted soul
With it’s pristine first state
filling with new energy
knowing again the meaning of life

Heart growing lite
Heart glowing light

Ramadan days are raining on this scorched earth.

The Quran soothes
It’s primordial rhythm resonates
With the atoms in my brain
As I sing and sing again
Sura after sura
caresses the tongue
calms the heartbeat
delights the ears

Hours spent reciting
Wash away all the doubting
In the grace of God Almighty
The one, the all powerful, the only
Why worry when
All you need is trust
that God will not
let you fall

No other Effector
Come, return to your Benefactor
To the One waiting Lord
The Overseeing Nourishing Lord
And His beloved
Messenger, our beloved too.
sent to teach,
An example,
A Mercy, to the worlds.

May my brothers and sisters be
Increasing in that certainty
which Ramadan is here to deliver
Rejoice, for now and forever
No need for sorrow
With faith, bright is every tomorrow
And today
Is a blessed gift

Precious these hours
Preparatory hours
To that time
When we return
To whence we came.
That glorious place of Peace