Faith equals no despair and eternal hope

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah (peace be unto you and the mercy and cherishing protection of God)

All thanks and praise be to God for the beautiful spring days that have unfolded these past days and for the blessing of life in health and security through them. Praise and thanks to God for the knowledge gained and the gift of the Messengers, peace be upon them all. For the beauty in Creation and resonance in this soul of mine that can recognize beauty. Truly, there is profound depth in this integral Muslim belief; ‘God is beautiful and God loves beauty’. They say we find faces that are symetrical more beautiful, and symetry is a manifestation of equation, the balanced formula, a highlight of mathematics. Mathematics, that language of truth, able to explain what the mind cannot concieve…the vehicle to know God. Truly, God is beautiful and God loves beauty. I am therefore a grateful slave, a wellspring of joy welling up inside me, recognizing this timeless beauty in all that is around. The mathematics of form and shape and dimension that abounds in the flowering trees, the growing grass, the towering mountains, the flowing water, the bright moon and star light that just now journeyed to my eye..and it began it’s travel eons ago. Subhhana wa ta’ala (Glory be to God the most High!!)
But I began this post wanting to share a beautiful talk by Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad, or as he is also known, Tim Winter. A great luminary among modern day scholars of Islam and a lecturer at Cambridge. You can listen to a BBC inteview with him here (it is part one of a two part series, the second part is here). He must have given this talk some time ago…however it is still very topical, dealing with the condition of Muslims today, it puts things in to perspective and helps alleviate the despair and sadness that many Muslims can easily feel overwhelmed by, contemplating the state of the Muslim ‘ummah’ (a word commonly used among Muslims, meaning ‘Nation’ as the Native Americans use the word ‘Nation’, rather than the more modern Western rendering of that beautiful term). So here is sharing it and I hope you benefit by it inshaAllah. I also wanted to share it with those not too familiar with the Muslim faith or nation, as embedded in the talk, are some very insightful aspects of the Muslim faith and worldview that I hope are educational.

God bless all who stumble across here or visit. Please keep me in your prayers and may Allah bless all our deeds with good and protect us from that which is harmful to us and that which we may cause others harm by.

Peace be upon you all!

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