Sunrise on the mountain

MashaAllah (by God’s grace) here I am seated on the balcony of our little guest house and sipping green tea a little after six in the morning of a beautiful day. We are in ‘little England’, a hill-station located in the tea growing heart of my beautiful Island home, Sri Lanka. I arrived here a few days ago and have had much to do. But just yesterday we were able to put all that aside and take one our ‘good old fashioned’ road trips, Sri Lankan style.
Being in the mountains again was the ‘coolness of my eyes’ as the arabs say, a beautiful phrase denoting the peace entering one’s heart when re-witnessing one’s beloved. It is a beautiful phrase and indeed the way God chooses to describe how one’s spouse and children should be in the Quran! May God grant all of us spouses and children who are just this and may we also be just this to the nes who love us.
Last night we did the climb from Pusselawa to Nuwara-Eliya (the real name of this place we affectionately term ‘little England’) in the evening. It was a mad two hours of twisty-windy roads and some haphazard Sri Lankan driving. But oh so beautiful to see the sunset over the mountains, and the landscape of tea plantations, flowers, little village houses and peaceful villagers walking on the street, bathed in a soft golden-mauve light particular to my country I believe. I have not found a word to describe it yet.
Then before that we visited the Pinnewala Elephant orphanage, a first for me and mashaAllah suhch an educational time. Being close to those majestic creatures, their peace and wisdom apparent in their every step. Oh Subhahanallah! what a precious world we live in. There was a blind bull tusker there, and I got to touch a bullet lodged under his tough hide..more bullet marks were visible on the surface of the skin. It was a sad thing, the poachers had blinded him, I guess the only bullet that did it’s work was the one aimed at the eyes. Ah, what a sorry species Homo sapiens sapiens is! How short sighted and blinded by the non-essential. And how much we have, as a race, to answer for! God forgive us all.
As I speak, the mists are coming down the mountain and pass me by in cold fast waves…I am enveloped in cloud. Subhahanallah!
InshaAllah (God willing) today to continue our road trip and see more of the development in the Island that has taken place after the war ended, often spoken of. So hoping to visit many more regions, probably leaving the ‘upcountry’ and going down again to the ‘low country’.
Well, my companions on this journey of life, I hope you enjoyed this post. I will try to attach pictures. God is great and life is beautiful, so much to learn and see…may we wander well and learn quickly. Peace to all, Assalaamu alaikum!

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