I loved the way this is written, it is about an ayah (verse, literal translation ‘sigh) from the Quran I particularly love. Scholars call this verse ‘The declaration of independence’. I loved this article because it shows how the declaration of dependence is really the declaration of independence. Allah is our Lord and He suffices us! Alhamdulillah! All praise and thanks to Allah. Welcome 2013! Peace to you all

Immersing in the Sea

Fourth ayah of al-Fatihah: Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een

The first three ayahs of al-Fatihah are Allah’s complete introduction to Himself. All of these things are knowledge of Allah has taught us about Himself. All this knowledge leads to results. All lead to us saying, I’m ready, sign me up.

If we learn who Allah is in the first three ayahs, automatically know that He is listening. Because if he is Master, He is listening to His slaves. So no reason for you to wait and get an appointment.

Translation: It is only You that we give ourselves totally absolutely completely in worship. Note: We are talking to Allah, not talking about Allah. Allah taught us to talk to Him. Natural result is to want to talk to Him.

This is a declaration of slavery. Declaration of dependence. Beautiful because when you and I give up our independence…

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