‘I am nothing….without you’

This song from Sami Yusuf’s latest album, which if you can I urge you to buy, not only to benefit a great artist, but because also music like that which he makes purifies the heart. This song touches me deeply. Brings a tear to my eye, melts away all the pain…

I have always believed and felt that music is a great way to know God. Somehow it breaks down barriers and seems to penetrate the heart. What a metaphor! like sound can travel through walls, so can music travel through whatever stubborn walls we put up around our hearts that prevents us seeing our Maker. Prevents us knowing our home, knowing our Lord.

It is called ‘Dryer Land’ sung by two great maestros of music, they may be father and son, I am not sure. You can purchase the album here

This is the official youtube. The lyrics to the part in Farsi is especially transcendent.

God bless you and on you all be peace. Assalamu alaikum


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