My love only grows stronger – ‘Learning to be’

This poem was inspired by a song that touched a deep chord in my soul. I hope you enjoy it and are benefited by it. Please keep me in your prayers and God bless you all

Assalamu alaikum (peace be with you)


Learning to be


Learning to be

not taking

 my blood flows as it should


The sun shines through me

 from north to south

  east to west

I am only a prism

 reflecting light

  divine light

cleared of pent up fear

 should the storms come

  should people hate me

   injure or attack

    should the earth shake from under my feet

I do not fear

The glass only clarified

 impurities purged out more

  by white hot fire

Shining like a lighthouse beacon

 to all who come

  or regardless

Reflecting light

Love of Allah the flame of my heart

manifested bright

 apparent to all

  by my will, my glad acquiescence

My glory



2013 Copyright.




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