Tawhid -‘one-ness’

A dear sister sent me this email, with a reflection on the verse below I believe from a weekly Quran reminder page on FB that she found;

Allah, the Most High, says:
“… and among them is he who is foremost in good deeds by permission of
Allah.” [Surat Fatir: 32]

A Reflection: Reading this verse should cause any form of conceit or arrogance to die off in your heart. No matter how great your good deed is, all praise is for Allah as He granted you permission to do it and facilitated it to be done.


Receiving this it seems this is one of the essences of tawhid (unity). The true one-ness of the God-head. He is above and beyond, supreme beyond all else, transcendent and at the same time utterly imminent, utterly near, utterly present, utterly All.

And so this truth; you are one and you will return to the One.



And indeed all good in me is from God and God alone.


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