Can’t stop

I’ve often said over the years that the only thing certain about life is death. And it is true. So I wonder, why are so many people afraid of what is inevitable? And knowing this, why then worry about all the pettiness in the world when time is short and there is eternity to prepare for. It may sound a morbid statement, but the truth above is a great release and brings about true perspective to one’s life.


Today, I drove past a graveyard where a dear friend is buried among many other souls. And as we Muslims do, I greeted those souls with the greeting we have been taught by our beloved prophet (Allah bless and elevate him) ‘Assalamu alaikum ya ahlul kabr’  =  ‘peace be upon you, o people of the grave’ and added the prayer ‘May Allah grant you are in ease’ and also ‘one day I will join you if Allah wills (not knowing in exactly which graveyard in what part of the world my end will come)’

May God bless us all with ease in our graves and an expansion, with peace in our present and joy in our hereafter and that we use this precious time on earth wisely and well. And may He, almightly, the Subtle, the Near, the Watchful, the Witness, the Clement, the Turner, the Loving, the Forgiver, turn to us in His benevolent loving kindness and forgive our countless sins. Ameen



Jewels of the Quran

Assalamu alaikum (peace be with you)

Here is a talk well worth listening to. It is by Sr. Yasmin Mogahed, a noted scolar and speaker with a deep insight and wisdom. It was given at the Being ME conference in Malaysia I believe. the ‘ME’ standing for ‘Muslimah empowered’. Muslimah is the feminine form of Muslim. This conference is about us Muslim women further developing as the type of women the prophet (peace be upon him) developed. Strong, equal, beautiful and with strengths unique to being female. The conference is coming to Vancouver and I am so looking forward to going inshaAllah (God willing). Ustadha Yasmin (ustadha being a title of respect, meaning female teacher basically) explains stories of the prophets (peace be upon them all) in the Quran in profound ways. I hope you get to listen. And if you are in Vancouver, I hope you get to attend and I meet you there! Here is a link to the event.


One of the greatrest blessings of tribulation is that it forces one to end self-reliance and instead rely on God. This is another of the meanings of that profound verse in the Quran…repeated twice…in surah 97, which is aptly titled ‘inshirah’ a word that can be translated as ‘the expanding of the chest’ meaning increasing one’s understanding or realization. The verse is
‘inna ma al usri yusra…/ inna ma al usri yusra…’
Meaning ‘ verily, with hardship, is ease / verily, with hardship is ease’

– I have translated to the best of my ability as I am on the road. I believe it is right though God willing. But please forgive any errors.

So Ibn Ata’allah, a great Islamic scholar advised us to ‘bury oneself in the soil of insignificance, and then like the seed, to be brought to fruition’

So I pray, ‘O my Lord, empty myself of me and fill me with Thee’
– ameen

Peace be with you all and may whatever hardship you go through bring you also to the One and to peace.
Assalamu alaikum

Between two books of signs


Between the two books


Ayaat*, signs, envelope me

Stars and planets, earth and sky

Every drop of water in every great river

Flowing to meet the sea

Every cell in every body

Pulsating to some internal decree

DNA is a wonder

Mathematical modeling encoding life

Music, numbers in motion

All bound by the time-space continuum

All knowledge spiraling upward, upward

Like some unrelenting stream

Taking the disciple to an eternal ocean

Of oneness, one to one

You to your Creator

Me to the same

You and me and all that exists and ever did exist

All to Allah

Transcending time.

So these signs in the book

Rain from the sky

Verdant tree, bury your head in the ground

To stand tall. Sujood*

Roots connected to the earth

Your Lord will teach you.

Between two books of signs

The one you hold in your hand, you recite, you read, you revere

The other all around you, birds and trees, mountains and seas

All within you, your every cell and sinew, proclaim

God is one, God is one, God is one

You are a living proof, you cannot escape

One day I will join you, our streams joining to one ocean

Before the Creator, realization

Signs brought to final fruition




Copyright Joymanifest 2013


*ayaath = plural of ‘ayah’, meaning a sign. see below

*sujood = arabic word meaning ‘prostration’. The pose within the prayer, when we put our forehead to the ground. We say the slave is closest to the Lord during this pose in the prayer. We also believe that all of creation, whether animate or inanimate is in a constant state of worship to God. Not to be fluffy, rather theologians say this as all of creation is obeying natural laws; of physics, chemistry etc. and to obey these laws is to be in a state of worship. Some scholars say that trees manifest their constant worship simply by the way they exist..likening their root system to the human brain synapses…the roots buried in the ground are the trees in ‘sujood’ :). So then when your head is in the ground, is when you find most peace. Muslim theologians go on to say that as mankind has free-will, man is given the choice of whether to worship or not..whether to be in tune with the signs or not…and when he is in tune, he finds complete peace (as he is fulfilling his purpose) and if not, finds discord in his soul.


This poem is inspired in part by the arabic word for the verses in the Quran, each verse is called an ‘ayah’ which literally means a ‘sign’, and the commonly used English translation ‘verse’ is really a misnomer. However it was likely used as it is easier for people to understand ‘verses’ in a book rather than ‘signs’ making up a book :). Peace to you all, Assalamu alaikum

‘Wherever You Are’ -arabic version

This song is very special to me. I thought I should share it with you, my dear readers. With beautiful graphics and very deep lyrics it speaks of a timeless truth. From one of my favourite artists, Sami Yusuf. It’s on his latest ‘salam’ album (available on iTunes and his website).

Enjoy, and God bless and protect you all.

Assalamu alaikum (peace be with you)


Craving love

Human beings, we crave love. Need love and look every where for it. Especially those of us who never knew real parental love. Especially those of us who never knew a mother’s love. It is a mother’s love that our prophet used to explain God’s love*. So we crave love….billions are spent on movie behemoths that storytell of incredible love, bollywood,hollywood, you name it. Great love stories that are myths. And then also some women needing deeper love than a man can give, go to other women. And some men, needing to be understood with no demands, go to other men. But no man or woman can give you the love that can heal your soul. That is the gift of God alone. The soul is His dominion, how then can others fill it?
What you suppose others of them fill, they are only doing so by the permission of God. They are souls touched by His light, spreading that light, and they are to be cherished. But don’t be dazzled by the vehicle…only the source can trully fill you. No man or woman can give you the love that can fill your soul. That dominion is reserved for God alone.

*refering to a famous sound hadith of the prophet (peace be upon him)

Copyright Joymanifest 2013

Wal-laahul Musta’aan

This is an amazing and deep reminder. May God bless the writer thereof. And thanks to God to stumble upon it.


Dear brothers/sisters, Assalamu Alaikum. I was thinking of writing on this inspiring topic since a long time and today, alhamdulillah, I am able to make it. Please read on, Inshaa’Allah.

Can there be any Salah (prayer) without the recitation of Surah al Fatihah? NO, right?

Do you know that every time we recite Surah al Fatihah, we Muslims make a commitment to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala: That we worship Him Alone and we seek help from Him Alone! 

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If you hadn’t…

If you hadn’t made me strong my Lord,
I would not have been able to resist

If you hadn’t made me just my Lord,
I would not have been able to stand-up

If you hadn’t made me kind my Lord,
I would not have been patient

If you leave me for a moment my Lord,
I will be destroyed.

Copyright Joymanifest
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