Al- Qayyum


Light follows darkness

and day follows night.

Ease follows hardship

And there is sweetness in grief.

The slave has lost herself and come to the Master

In depravity, the needing peels away the veil of ego;

so as to know

the slave is not the possessor of self-sufficiency

Al – Qayyum* is only the Master.


*The above short piece refers to one of the ‘names’ of Allah, ‘al-qayyum’ which means the one who is utterly and absolutely self-sufficient. In no need of any and thereby also beyond the need or confines of time-space. Muslim theologians say this is the defining quality of the God-head as we understand it, rather than saying for example that God is immortal or eternal as a  ‘defining quality’, though of course we do say God is immortal and eternal. Rather, we say He has ‘sempre-eternity’, i.e., beyond time and therefore beyond ‘eternity’ which is a concept rooted in time. Peace be with you all.


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