Can’t stop

I’ve often said over the years that the only thing certain about life is death. And it is true. So I wonder, why are so many people afraid of what is inevitable? And knowing this, why then worry about all the pettiness in the world when time is short and there is eternity to prepare for. It may sound a morbid statement, but the truth above is a great release and brings about true perspective to one’s life.


Today, I drove past a graveyard where a dear friend is buried among many other souls. And as we Muslims do, I greeted those souls with the greeting we have been taught by our beloved prophet (Allah bless and elevate him) ‘Assalamu alaikum ya ahlul kabr’  =  ‘peace be upon you, o people of the grave’ and added the prayer ‘May Allah grant you are in ease’ and also ‘one day I will join you if Allah wills (not knowing in exactly which graveyard in what part of the world my end will come)’

May God bless us all with ease in our graves and an expansion, with peace in our present and joy in our hereafter and that we use this precious time on earth wisely and well. And may He, almightly, the Subtle, the Near, the Watchful, the Witness, the Clement, the Turner, the Loving, the Forgiver, turn to us in His benevolent loving kindness and forgive our countless sins. Ameen