oh the Quran!

The beautiful sounds of the recitation of the quran during the long prayers of these peaceful Ramadan nightsease my soul and energize my heart.

They waft over me like waves of incense,are as solid as my mother’s arms that held me in infancy. Their timeless rhyme and profound rhythm captures my attention and controls my heart.

Turning, turning, turning back to the One, back to where I came from, Reminding, reminding, reminding…sounds of home ease my soul’s on its foray in to this transient world. Reminding me of my eternal home. Reminding me of who is waiting there for my return.

The above prose is my simple way of trying to communicate the deep peace and joy of listening to the Quran. Last night we were blessed by such a profound and beautiful recitation during the prayer. The prayer was conducted by students on campus, so it was a student who recited (students take turns to lead the prayer), and only a short passage was recited. But it was soulful, slow, melodic, profound, each word pronounced correctly, each word felt. Ah, this is how to honour the Quran! All who listened were transported, and the veils on the heart were lifted. We had found our way home. I wish I could share a recording of it. Since I can’t I’ll post a youtube below. I chose the chapter 12, ‘Yusuf’ (the arabic version for Joseph) one of my most beloved chapters, and telling the beautiful story of Joseph (peace be upon him)

Peace be with you all


Joymanifest (c) 2013.