Thoughts that come – VI

Sometimes over the years we unconsciously put idols in our heart, such as our family, our jobs, our responsibilities, our image. If God loves us enough, He steps in to purge them out so His light can regain that place in the heart that was created for it. The treatment can be painful but the cure is worth it. Be patient with the treatment and know that it is only Allah who will love you enough to cure you. Still the mind and open your heart, trust God. He is light upon light and the human heart was created to know Him.




Little brother Harris, the winner of the recent global Awakening talent contest

Assalamu alaikum my dear readers.  Awakening media recently concluded their global talent contest, and mashaAllah the winner was this little brother, Harris, from the UK. I feel very proud knowing our Ummah (nation) has young blood in it like this. His rendition of one of my favourite nasheed (Muslim religious music/songs) ‘What did I do today’ first sung by an all time favourite munshid (one who sings nasheed!), brother Dawud Wharnsby, is amazing. Enjoy 🙂

As we enter the last ten most precious and blessed days of Ramadan, may we all be able to meet laylatul-Qadr (the night of power, when the Quran was first revealed. It’s exact date is veiled from us, but we know it is one of the last ten nights of Ramadan).