InshaAllah one day I will be able to share several life events that have been miraculous…and not just single big miraculous events, but several events that are a series of one thing leading to another each bringing the other on and all in perfect symphony. A symphony that takes time to unravel. But for now I wanted to say I am mesmerized by the perfection with which Allah looks after the affairs of the slaves who entrust themselves to Him. So be patient and trust your Lord, Allah does things in His own time, and verily His timing is perfect with a perfection we cannot predict, being ourselves trapped in the time-dimension, while He, Exalted, Beautiful, Holy, Light upon Light, The One and Eternal Refuge, is the Master of time. So trust and be patient, verily we are hasty by our nature so don’t go hard on yourself if you are hasty…just call on your Lord to help you be patient.

The Quran heals all ills

Assalamu alaikum, peace be upon you all!

Here is a beautiful recitation of the 80th chapter in the Quran, it is a short chapter called ‘Abasa’, meaning ‘he frowned’. According to commentary it was revealed when the prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon his pure soul) once didn’t attend as was required of him to a blind man who came up to him interrupting the teaching he was engaged in. Muhammed (peace be upon him) was known for his matchless generosity and patience and gentleness, but there was a slight moment he was impatient..and this chapter was revealed. Glory be to God! He Almighty wants us to be of the highest order in behaviour, manners and etiquette. May Allah help us to be better!

This recitation seems to be from during a communal prayer as it begins with the opening chapter ‘Al-Fatiha’ (The opening). Seven short verses that are chapter 1 of the Quran, which is how each unit of prayer is begun. Then Surat ‘Abasa is read. A heart moving recitation.

Listening to this makes me realize how little I have thanked Allah for His loving care of me when I was in my mother’s womb, and for He beautiful fashioning of me there. All thanks and praises are due to the One, the Maker, the Fashioner, the Eternal Refuge, My beautiful Lord. Allahu Akber! (Allah is the greatest)

The interpretation by Yusuf Ali into English is below. It is a chapter with 42 ayaath (literally ‘sign’ as we consider every verse of the Quran we consider to be a miraculous sign)

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

(The Prophet) frowned and turned away

Because there came to him the blind man (interrupting)

But what could tell thee but that perchance he might grow (in spiritual understanding)?-

Or that he might receive admonition, and the teaching might profit him?

As to one who regards Himself as self-sufficient,

To him dost thou attend;

Though it is no blame to thee if he grow not (in spiritual understanding).

But as to him who came to thee striving earnestly,

And with fear (in his heart),

Of him wast thou unmindful.

By no means (should it be so)! For it is indeed a Message of instruction:

Therefore let whoso will, keep it in remembrance.

(It is) in Books held (greatly) in honour,

Exalted (in dignity), kept pure and holy,

(Written) by the hands of scribes-

Honourable and Pious and Just.

Woe to man! What hath made him reject Allah;

From what stuff hath He created him?

From a sperm-drop: He hath created him, and then mouldeth him in due proportions;

Then doth He make His path smooth for him;

Then He causeth him to die, and putteth him in his grave;

Then, when it is His Will, He will raise him up (again).

By no means hath he fulfilled what Allah hath commanded him.

Then let man look at his food, (and how We provide it):

For that We pour forth water in abundance,

And We split the earth in fragments,

And produce therein corn,

And Grapes and nutritious plants,

And Olives and Dates,

And enclosed Gardens, dense with lofty trees,
And fruits and fodder,-

For use and convenience to you and your cattle.

At length, when there comes the Deafening Noise,-

That Day shall a man flee from his own brother,

And from his mother and his father,

And from his wife and his children.
Each one of them, that Day, will have enough concern (of his own) to make him indifferent to the others.

Some faces that Day will be beaming,Laughing, rejoicing.

And other faces that Day will be dust-stained,

Blackness will cover them:Such will be the Rejecters of Allah, the doers of iniquity.

Quran Chapter 80




Mercy descends in a voice that recites

After a hard days work into a long calm night

Bathed in splendour of good, lovingly looked upon

by a Lord most beautiful, beauty with love adorned

Lulled into a calm and refreshing repose

Tranquil in trust that rest will come

From The One to the one,

sleep brings a delightful glimpse of closeness

Light upon light

Refreshed to greet, if Allah wills, another dawn


Joymanifest (C) 2013


Assalamu alaikum, peace be with you all

This morning I was reflecting on my life’s journey. Dear friends have come to visit (and their coming was a surprise and indeed just what I needed at a time when I was very unwell, Alhamdulillah = all praise and thanks are due to Allah!). I used to live with them before they moved back to their home country. They are Palestinian and I loved and admired and heartily entered that culture when I did live with them. Before that I lived in different parts of the world, always admiring and appreciating different cultures and taking into myself some good aspects of it. For example from living in India, I appreciated simplicity and a generous spirit to all who come to one’s home. Something I do want to add, and not to sound preachy, but something I have noticed with humility is that whatever good I have found in any culture, essentially I have found that value to be Islamic in that it is something our beloved Muhammed (peace be upon him) has manifested. He truly is as Allah describes him in the Quran, ‘rahmatan lil alameen’ = a mercy to the worlds.


Sahih International Interpretation;

And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.

Quran Surah 21 (Al-Anbiya’, The prophets) : ayah 107

Now living in Canada, it is an amazing opportunity to experience and learn from a vast array of different cultures. So over the years of living here I have often wondered what my roots will be, where will I put them down, where will I build a home, and in what way or form. Especially now that my student days are over, I have been wondering about this.

But this morning a knowledge growing manifests; that indeed no matter where I live in this world or who I live with and in what type of culture, my culture will be Muslim. But my roots, ah, those I am planting in heaven bi ithnillahi ta’ala! (by the grace and will of Allah). May you also do the same my dear readers, and may we meet there inshaAllah (God willing)

May God’s protection and guiding light be with you always and may you be aware of it. May we all become better and better at answering that call.


Eagle soaring – adoration in the sky

I was reading this ayah tonight and it hit me that every Eagle I have every admired soaring, every humming bird vertically poised by super-speed wing beat, every bird I have ever loved to watch…this is why I love watching them. For they too are adoring the One, the Beautiful, the Perfect. Peace be with you all, assalamu alaikum



Alam tara anna Allaha yusabbihulahu man fee assamawati wal-ardiwattayru saffatin kullun qadAAalima salatahu watasbeehahu wallahuAAaleemun bima yafAAaloon

Yusuf Ali Interpretation

Seest thou not that it is Allah Whose praises all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise. And Allah knows well all that they do.

Quran: Surat 24, An-Nur (The Light), ayah 41

Thoughts that come – VIII

Make your hearts beautiful, make your hearts beautiful. This will not just happen, it must be worked upon. Don’t think you can work upon this alone, all that is required of your work is that you ask your Lord …to make your heart beautiful


Eid Mubarak (An Eid = festival, Mubarak =in the state of blessing) to you all! Peace be with you.