Live Below The Line: Day 2

Had to share this beautifully and lovingly written post from one of my favourite artists and people… a pure and simple soul now blogging about his living below the line fundraiser challenge.
[For readers waiting to see more of my trip to Andalusia, stay tuned – I am still on the road and just waiting to get home so I can upload some photos to an already written post. Learned and experienced so much. What a blessing travel is!]

dawud wharnsby

Aloe Vera

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored my Live Below The Line initiative during these first few days. Day one yielded over £240 in donations toward poverty. Friends, supporters and subscribers to this blog ~ it is not too late. Please donate here.

Lessons in resourcefulness and creativity were learned yesterday during day 2 of the £1 per day challenge.

It is incredible how the human spirit kicks into a mode of determination when faced with hardship ~ how passion for progress and betterment of one’s circumstance can be kindled as life heats up.

Our lives are often so comfortable that when we are placed in even the most basic of trials, challenges or changes to our routines, we shut down, turn to panic or even worse ~ hopelessness. Back near our seasonal home in Pakistan, my wife and I have many friends who live very humbly and struggle…

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