Take Back Islam: #BringBackOurGirls

I could not have said it better. Have to add my voice loudly and clearly – “It is time for the Muslims to stand up together in outrage about the filth that is done in the name of our religion.

We demand that Boko Haram brings these girls back to their families, to their childhood, and to their education!

We demand that Boko Haram and groups like it STOP misappropriating Islam for their agendas!”
– thank you to my sister for writing this



Take-Back-IslamAs the world waits and worries over the fate of the girls who were abducted on April 14 from a school in Nigeria, a terrorist group, Boko Haram, steps forward and claims responsibility for the repulsive act. And all this evil based on the premise–as their name states–that Western education in sinful (much of which is based on the Golden Era of Islamic discovery) and that Allah tells them to sell these girls as sex slaves (did someone forget to take their Thorazine?).

But somewhere between May 2013 and the recent kidnapping the story changed. CNN reports that Shakau, the leader of Boko Haram, in May 2013 “first announced in a video that Boko Haram would start kidnapping girls. The kidnappings, he said, were retaliation for Nigerian security forces nabbing the wives and children of group members.”

Now after the deed is done and the world is looking at Nigeria…

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2 thoughts on “Take Back Islam: #BringBackOurGirls

  1. I cannot imagine how devastating it must feel to have these horrors “in the name of Islaam”. Do you know Canadian folk singer/protester/poet Bruce Cockburn? His song, Justice comes to mind. The lyrics begin: What’s been done in the name of Jesus? What’s been done in the name of Buddha? What’s been done in the name of Islam? What’s been done in the name of man? What’s been done in the name of liberation? And in the name of civilization? And in the name of race? And in the name of peace?

    Everybody Loves to see Justice done On somebody else


    1. Wow, those are amazing lyrics. Especially the last line! Thank you so much for sharing.
      Yes, I am beyond angry and incredibly sad. Can’t imagine what those poor girls are going through. Shame on all the leaders of the world, and especially the Muslim world! Allah musta’an ( a phrase my Palestinian friends say a lot and I learned from them… means ‘God is the one who helps and we seek His help’)


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