Craving love

Human beings, we crave love. Need love and look every where for it. Especially those of us who never knew real parental love. Especially those of us who never knew a mother’s love. It is a mother’s love that our prophet used to explain God’s love*. So we crave love….billions are spent on movie behemoths that storytell of incredible love, bollywood,hollywood, you name it. Great love stories that are myths. And then also some women needing deeper love than a man can give, go to other women. And some men, needing to be understood with no demands, go to other men. But no man or woman can give you the love that can heal your soul. That is the gift of God alone. The soul is His dominion, how then can others fill it?
What you suppose others of them fill, they are only doing so by the permission of God. They are souls touched by His light, spreading that light, and they are to be cherished. But don’t be dazzled by the vehicle…only the source can trully fill you. No man or woman can give you the love that can fill your soul. That dominion is reserved for God alone.

*refering to a famous sound hadith of the prophet (peace be upon him)

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If you hadn’t…

If you hadn’t made me strong my Lord,
I would not have been able to resist

If you hadn’t made me just my Lord,
I would not have been able to stand-up

If you hadn’t made me kind my Lord,
I would not have been patient

If you leave me for a moment my Lord,
I will be destroyed.

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The spider’s house

*** Reflections on the passages below***

How often we build our houses upon flimsy foundations and how often they are torn down by the wind or some stray occurrence. Yet we build our house again on a flimsy foundation. Jesus (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, ‘this world is like a bridge, do not build you house upon it. Reading the verses below, it was brought home to me once more and once more and once more that the only house we should be building is in the kingdom of heaven. Both metaphorically; in how we conduct our affairs in this life and God willing physically in what we put toward the foundation and walls of our eternal home being constructed beyond that time-space continuum that limits our vision.

May God bless and protect you all. Assalamu alaikum (peace be with you).


The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah is that of the spider, who builds (to itself) a house; but truly the flimsiest of houses is the spider’s house;- if they but knew.


Verily Allah doth know of (every thing) whatever that they call upon besides Him: and He is Exalted (in power), Wise.


And such are the Parables We set forth for mankind, but only those understand them who have knowledge.


Allah created the heavens and the earth in true (proportions): verily in that is a Sign for those who believe.

Verses 41-44 of Surah ‘Ankabut’ (The Spider). Holy Quran. Yusuf Ali interpretation to the English

-The spider’s web; so beautiful but so fragile, an apt simile of the ‘world’ – captivating but oh so flimsy. How gloriously the Creator teaches through His creation. Subhahanallahi wa bihamdihi! (pure glorification to God and all praise and thanks)


Too good not to share…

I’ve been meaning and wanting to write for a while, but excessive travel, work and then sickness has meant many things were delayed. But just coming across this true story, so beautifully shared, it touched my heart and I had to pass it on. Do read please
Love to all and may we not be blind to the love and mercy surrounding us always

The article below is from and is called The Puppy. Click here to be taken to original source

The Puppy
Maryam Amirebrahimi
| October 5, 2012 5:00 am

Originally Published in October 2009. Pulished at and copyrighted to the same, in accord with their copyright policy found here, so there is no blame on me on the day of judgement for reposting this.

We had just finished dinner. A group of us American girls who were studying in Egypt had decided we would eat at a local restaurant and when we finished, we had twenty Egyptian pounds leftover from the pool of cash we had put together. Figuring out what to do with the money, one of the sisters suggested, “There’s that boy who sleeps outside that one grocery store! You know, he’s got that puppy! And whenever he’s with that puppy, he’s like the happiest kid in the world.”

I realized whom she was talking about. There was a teenage boy who slept on the grass across the street from the grocery store. There was no trace of family, money, or anything—just a boy and a stray puppy who kept him company. “Let’s give the money to him!” the sister exclaimed. With purpose, our group began to head over.

From the restaurant, it took us about twenty minutes to get to the location of the boy. But he was nowhere to be seen. His puppy, however, was there…and he was thirsty. The puppy had in his paws a closed water bottle that he unsuccessfully attempted to open. Imagine the torment of feeling intensely thirsty, staring at water in paw’s length, and not being able to access it despite immense struggles and efforts. Realizing his dilemma, we quickly opened the bottle of water we had and began to pour it out for the puppy. The puppy came immediately, drinking the water in huge gulps, and not stopping for some time. Finally, relieved, the puppy eventually ran off to play.

We did not find the boy that night. As we walked back to our apartments I began contemplating the situation. We had walked about twenty minutes in search of a specific boy. We could not find him, and instead we found a puppy in extreme thirst, making great efforts to access water. Allah, The All Wise, had written for us to have extra money, helped us remember the boy in that moment, given us the strength, ability and time to take the twenty minute walk to find the boy, and instead, guided us to a puppy who needed our help to drink water. Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) had written for us, a group of foreigners from across the world, to have been in that place, in that moment of time, simply to help a puppy quench its thirst.

What about you, dear worshiper of God, who is struggling to please Him, stumbling upon blocks of heedlessness and difficulties? What about you who are trying to keep it together, find a job, get married, do well in school, deal with domestic issues at home or societal pressures all around? Dear believer who struggles to make your prayers, complete your fasts, lower your gaze and preserve your chastity—if that is the mercy that Allah, The Ever Merciful, has written for a small puppy, that He would subjugate human beings to simply help quench the thirst of a creature amongst His Creation…then what about the Mercy of Allah `azza wa jall on you, His struggling worshipper?

“Therefore flee unto Allah…” (Qur’an 51:50)

Peace be with you,

You sister.

PS – Sendie, my thoughts and prayers have been with you though I haven’t been able to reply yet. Allah help you and us all. Thank you so much for all you shared with me, I am honored and reach out to you with many hugs

Welcoming the month of months…Ramadan Mubarak!

Assalamu alaikum wa rahma Allah wa barakatuh!

O my dear brothers and sisters fortunate enough to witness another Ramadan, I greet you with joy and hope and pray that the light of Allah shines upon you and your loved ones this blessed month.

This is an image of the moon of sha’ban 2012. May the new moon of Ramadan be as beautiful and may we get to see it. Remember to make the prayer our beloved messenger did when he beheld the moon; ‘O moon, as thou dost worship my Lord, so do I’! – I love this du’a 🙂

I have been meaning to write a long while, first to share all the beautiful events that I was a part of since my last posting. Not all pleasant mind you, but full of the teaching of Allah, as I journeyed through hurdle upon hurdle and learned much along the way. It is not easy to summarize and indeed I began this post to share some of the joy and pleasure of knowing it is once more, ramadan. But shortly put, as we continued upon our journey through the countryside of Sri Lanka, we came across many interesting and diverse scenes that spoke to much. A sad visit through what used to be a pristine mountain village by a famous waterfall now full of a type of tourism that unnerved me much…it was tourism for drugs it looked like. All these people in the middle of nowhere looking drugged and senseless…the local women staying off the streets and simple village men now stoned and with blood-shot eyes. It was telling, this never existed a few years ago. I guess when the war was on, this type of tourists did not visit the island. Now we hear, coccaine is grown in the jungles and it has become a hotspot. Or so the driver of our vehicle informed us later on as he reported being solicited by locals to bring more of the ‘right type’ of people through. Thankfully we were not the right type, and we were pretty quick to exit the place. There were other things that happened to us along the way, including a rather bizarre and incredibly memorable encounter with a wild elephant! MashaAllah Sri Lanka really is an incredible country.

Then that night we were staying a small guesthouse, with rooms by a paddy-field…mashaallah it was very pretty, when we heard that my beloved grandmother had suffered a bad fall. Alhamdulillah for the salah and the comfort of putting one’s trust in God. May it always be so for all of us! So then in the morning we rushed back to the city and it took us the day to get there. Thereafter began some good work, as that was the main reason I was in the island. MashaAllah we visited many a social service organization and medical center and learned a lot about what is needed and what needs to be done. Allah bless the brave and tireless people working to help all who need help. I have forgotten much about service, now living in this affluent western world removed from the constant reminder of need. I miss this, for in it there is a great healing and great blessing. There is a reason for suffering and want…I believe it brings us closer to being good people and open our hearts to be merciful…this when one is a sincere seeker or truth or a humble human being. These are some brief thoughts I am sharing, there is of course much more to be said. I pray that these experiences stay cemented in me and I am able to contribute in whatever way God wills. Please include me in your prayers too.

Then it was about leave-taking and coming back home again. Then about settling in and preparing for the month of months just around the corner, and now so swiftly upon us all. I am wordlessly happy! I will end with sharing a lovely youtube time-lapse video featuring one of my favourite anasheed, and this du’a

‘O Allah, please remove oppression from all those oppresed in the world and ensure a peace based on justice and mercy to everyone in the world. Bless us, forgive us and increase us in your light upon light. And bless and elevate our beloved Muhammed, the chosen one’

Sunrise on the mountain

MashaAllah (by God’s grace) here I am seated on the balcony of our little guest house and sipping green tea a little after six in the morning of a beautiful day. We are in ‘little England’, a hill-station located in the tea growing heart of my beautiful Island home, Sri Lanka. I arrived here a few days ago and have had much to do. But just yesterday we were able to put all that aside and take one our ‘good old fashioned’ road trips, Sri Lankan style.
Being in the mountains again was the ‘coolness of my eyes’ as the arabs say, a beautiful phrase denoting the peace entering one’s heart when re-witnessing one’s beloved. It is a beautiful phrase and indeed the way God chooses to describe how one’s spouse and children should be in the Quran! May God grant all of us spouses and children who are just this and may we also be just this to the nes who love us.
Last night we did the climb from Pusselawa to Nuwara-Eliya (the real name of this place we affectionately term ‘little England’) in the evening. It was a mad two hours of twisty-windy roads and some haphazard Sri Lankan driving. But oh so beautiful to see the sunset over the mountains, and the landscape of tea plantations, flowers, little village houses and peaceful villagers walking on the street, bathed in a soft golden-mauve light particular to my country I believe. I have not found a word to describe it yet.
Then before that we visited the Pinnewala Elephant orphanage, a first for me and mashaAllah suhch an educational time. Being close to those majestic creatures, their peace and wisdom apparent in their every step. Oh Subhahanallah! what a precious world we live in. There was a blind bull tusker there, and I got to touch a bullet lodged under his tough hide..more bullet marks were visible on the surface of the skin. It was a sad thing, the poachers had blinded him, I guess the only bullet that did it’s work was the one aimed at the eyes. Ah, what a sorry species Homo sapiens sapiens is! How short sighted and blinded by the non-essential. And how much we have, as a race, to answer for! God forgive us all.
As I speak, the mists are coming down the mountain and pass me by in cold fast waves…I am enveloped in cloud. Subhahanallah!
InshaAllah (God willing) today to continue our road trip and see more of the development in the Island that has taken place after the war ended, often spoken of. So hoping to visit many more regions, probably leaving the ‘upcountry’ and going down again to the ‘low country’.
Well, my companions on this journey of life, I hope you enjoyed this post. I will try to attach pictures. God is great and life is beautiful, so much to learn and see…may we wander well and learn quickly. Peace to all, Assalaamu alaikum!

Many thoughts of gratitude

Assalamu alaikum, peace be unto you,


Alhamdulillah (thanks and praise to God), I’ve had a lovely few day. First due to an amazing camping trip to a small island off the coast of Vancouver. I was touched and deeply humbled by the concern of my non-Muslim camping buddies that I keep my prayer on time…and I must say, there is no feeling as beautiful as standing under the trees on the grass close to the ocean in the state of ‘salat’ (the Muslim ritual worship, it is a physical ritual with meditative quranic recitation and repetitive praise of God made by the tongue or in the heart). Alhamdulillah! a deep peace and glimpse of utter serenity. Especially to wake up with the first light at about 4 am (impossible to sleep with sunlight streaming through a tent!) and be fully woken taking the ‘wudhu’ (ritual purification with water, the best translation of the word in to English is ‘lumination’, from the greek ‘lumos’, meaning to make light) with freezing cold crystal clear water and then to stand on a rock by the ocean and enter the salah. Mashaallah (by God’s grace) the weather was amazing, and the sunrise a beautiful pink and red. I wish I had taken pictures, but I did not want to wake my sleeping camping buddies…and perhaps it is that some images are better preserved in the heart. Having said that, I thank you my dear reader, for listening as I type out this verbal imagery, for indeed it stamps the memory on my heart and for that I am grateful.


There is much more I want to write and share, but enough of words from me for now. Let me leave you with a ‘du’a’ (this is more like what the English word ‘prayer’ means, it is supplication made to God) that was found some days ago recorded on the back page of an old notebook I had used when learning sacred knowledge. I do not know where it is from, but it is beautiful, wise, and universal. So I hope you benefit from it.


I will inshaAllah post some of the camping trips photos below for your pleasure 🙂



O Lord, please help me to say the truth in front of those who have authority. And please help me not to say that which is false in order to gain advantage. And please help me to see the other side of reality. And please protect me from bearing false witness due to difference of opinion. O Lord if you give me money, do not take my money. If you give me health please don’t take my sanity. If you give me success don’t take my humility. If you give me humility don’t take my dignity. O Lord, please teach me to love others as I love myself. And teach me to question myself as I question others. And please teach me how to forgive. Because the ability to forgive is the greatest of qualities. And because revenge is a major sign of weakness and regression. Please O Lord, protect me from arrogance upon my success. And protect me from despair upon my failure. O Lord, please remind me that failure preceeds success. O Lord if you do not give me success, please leave me determination to overcome failure. O Lord if you do not give me health, leave me my faith. O Lord, if I hurt others please give me the ability to apologize and if others hurt me, give me the ability to forgive. O Lord, if I forget Thee, don’t forget me as You are the Forgiving (al-Ghafur), the Clement (al-Halim), the Great (al-Kabir), Dominant and Able to do all things (al-Qadir).


– Deer everywhere on the island…I was very happy with that!



– Campsite 🙂



– a precious moment as Otter arrive shortly after the dawn prayer (‘fajr), it was quite and still and I was thrilled by the sighting



-pretty island farmhouse. Idyllic and the best part is it is a functioning farm. The family that owns it, gifted much land to make a park for Canada!



Image– golden sunset on my way home. MashaAllahu ta’ala!!


O’ Moon


There is a beautiful moon outside and the night is clear and still. These nights of the full moon of rabiul awwal…the time of the birth of the beloved, the final messenger Muhammed, upon whom be peace and salutations, what beautiful nights they are.
Looking at the moon my heart realizes the prayer Muhammed himself would make on beholding the moon. And so my lips say it too- “O Moon, as thou dost worship my Lord, so do I!”
But tonight I gaze on the moon and add to it this yearning ( and these words are my own) – ‘O Moon, you are the same moon who looked upon the prophet making that prayer. O Moon how blessed you are! I am gazing on you that has seen my beloved and time stands still. How blessed my eyes to behold you! O Moon, as you do worship Allah so do I’
So saying my beloved’s words my heart fills with the light of the answering moon
Thanks and Glory be to God.

And peace to you all.