Published Work

This poem that mashaAllah was placed in 2010 by IWA (Islamic Writers Alliance). Here’s sharing it 🙂

Cherry Blossom

I touched the petals of a cherry blossom, bowing low on laden bough
today, while waiting for the bus.
Low enough for me to reach out and caress,
And feast my eyes on their angelic hue.
My bus came then.
I jumped on, keen not to miss, a ride to deadlines upon deadlines.

But that moment my fingers connected
I swear; the electrons in my skin jumped. Excited
Pulses rushed to the brain.
Somewhere, some deep synapse
Reverberated. In some deep way.

The signal synchronized with the soul of me
Often am I oblivious. To this inner soul.
A me in constant worship
By virtue of being a created being. Regulated, kept alive, harmonized
To laws of physics and nature. Indisputable, irrevocable, inescapable.
I exist;- an embodiment of the slave of Allah

A cherry blossom invoking a profound lesson
Magnificent slave of the Magnificent Maker
Look! Cherry petals everywhere… carelessly strewn by a dancing wind
Swirl and twirl and settle, in eddies and corners,
Filling nooks and crannies of busy sidewalks
People busily hurry over.

Unaware, Unknowing, un-remembering.
So hard to be always aware of where
we came from, where we are going.

But look! Look at all the cherry trees, boughs bent low in worship.
Always aware.

Carelessly it seems, the Glorious One scatters His glory,
Each petal a miracle
Thousands upon thousands fall and pile.
A powerful reminder, we trample on.

Oh resplendent Lord, not needing our worship
I look everywhere and everywhere I see
Your immense bounty

Let me then, worship thee
As my body, my mind, my life, my existence worships thee
Let me be aware.
Like that cherry tree I saw
Connected to my Maker, in serenity.


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