‘This religion is a religion of good etiquette (or manners)’

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah, peace be upon you and the mercy of God

This short talk  ( ~ 8 mins) is beautiful, it reminds us of the purpose of our worship and the measure by which we know our worship is doing what it is meant to. Namely, to bring us closer to our Creator and elevate us in our knowledge of Him, the Most High, the Great, the One.

The above quote is from the talk, that this religion is a religion of good etiquette and it should increase us in the good etiquette we have towards our Lord, and towards all of Creation.

Hope you get to listen. It is from Shaykh Habib Ali Al Jifri, a great scholar with impeccable lineage in his learning and a very short isnad (chain of transmission) to our Master Muhammed (peace and blessing be upon him). To explain, in classical Islamic scholarship, knowledge is passed on from teacher to student, often one-to-one and often by the student living with and imbibing the manners of the teacher as well. Once a student has reached a certain level, he or she is given ‘ijaza’ = license, to transmit the knowledge to others. The isnad, or chain of transmission therefore when short, shows that the knowledge is least diluted from the source. This shaykh who we are blessed to have amongst us is also notable for the number of female scholars in his chain. He can as well trace his lineage to the family of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). More info on his bio is here. N.B. – I would always recommending learning the bio of someone you chose to study from. May Allah grant him increase and increase his reach.

‘A kind word is a charity’ – Prophet Muhammed (peace and salutations of God upon him)

Peace be with you all,

I came across this beautiful short talk by Habib Al-Jifri, a great scholar and one of very noble birth, both his parents are descendents of Ali (Allah be pleased with him), the prophet’s couzin. You can read more of his bio here and I have copy-pasted an excerpt from that site below. This talk and the manner in which it is delivered is a beautiful light and a reminder of what a mercy to mankind we were given in our beloved prophet Muhammed. May you benefit from it as I did and may we all come to know more about and love this great man, this light to the worlds.

Bio excerpt of Habib Ali Al-Jifri- ‘He began taking knowledge from his early childhood from his first teacher, his mother’s great-aunt the scholar and knower of God Safiah daughter of Alawi son of Hassan al-Jifri, she had an immense influence on him and the direction he took in the pursuit of knowledge and spirituality.

As a continuation of the authentic methodology of receiving Sacred Knowledge, and wayfaring on the spiritual path, through an unbroken chain of masters, all the way back to the Messenger of God may God Bless him & his family and give them peace, a methodology the preservation and maintenance of which, the valley of Hadramaut and the city of Tarim are renowned, this work was continued in the intellectual Milieu of the Hejaz which became a meeting point for the Scholars of the School of Hadramaut when they were exiled from the South of Yemen during Communist Rule; he received his education in the Sacred Sciences and the Science of Spiritual Wayfaring at the hands of Scholars and Spiritual Educators’