Peace in the mountains, Hajj with the trees

Alhamdulillah wa shukr Allah. Allahu akber, Allahu akber, Allahu akber. Allahumma salli ala Muhammed wa ala ali Muhammed.

I am just returned from a blessing of a trip up in the Cascade Mountains. I had gone camping, my first time doing so, and gone alone. MashaAllah it was certainly an adventure and provided many a thrill. But more than this, it was deep joy and deep peace. To be alone among the undiluted Creation of Allah. Since it was bear territory and I was hiking alone, they told me to make lots of noise while walking. Now, inspiration indeed, for I took it an excellent opportunity to practice the recitation of the surah I know and also to make lots of du’a and salawat. Also it was a perfect time and place to bellow out the azan! Indeed, I felt just such a rush doing so it was humbling. Dawud Wharnsby Ali ( a fellow Canadian and a folk singer who mashaallah is so talented, I am sure he would have reached Cat Stevens status had he not converted early ;)) in one of his songs talks about the wonder of calling out Azan on the top of a mountain…ah, subhahanallah indeed he had that spot on.

Sh. Hamza once said all the trees are in continuous sujood…he said their heads were the roots and it was in the ground. Completely prostrated to Allah. Walking among all those prostrate trees I felt as if I was on hajj. A pilgrim surrounded by millions of fellow pilgrims, in complete submission. And then looking out at the immense mountains I thought of how these mountains too, who had been given the trust of ‘free will’, refused it, out of fear. Ya Rabb, how foolish then us man, to have taken it on. And how kind, that you have given your constant presence and the five time prayer to help us through with carrying the trust.

Here are some images;

The mountains as 'pegs', imagine this same extent reaching in to the bowels of the earth
Millions of fellow before us and patiently in constant worship
Water reflects the sky and the water cycle keeps us alive
remember the last ayah of Surah Mulk when I see this.

It has been a difficult time on returning from this august gathering. And that peace elusive again. But Allah has said that the only peace is in his remembrance. What a glorious ayah that is! How much to ponder upon in how it relates to every facet and circumstance of our lives

“Truly, it is by the Remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest.” [Qur’an, 13.28]

There is a beautiful and very helpful short article here about how ‘dhikr’ (remembrance) can help with every sickness and anxiety, heart ache and grief. Especially for fighting depression and melancholy. Please do read it and stay in dhikr.
I ‘youtubed’ the ayah and found this short video, I wanted to insert it here, not just for the medical stats it projects but also for it’s beautiful soothing music. And indeed music too is a glorious creation of our Lord. I was listening to all the different birds while hiking and could not but help think of the majesty and intricacy that is the creation of sound. Subhahana wa ta’ala

Allah protect and help us all and forgive us our countless sins. Forgive me my errors, defects and omissions and keep me in your du’a please.