Introducing Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Dear readers, Assalamu alaikum, peace be upon you all,

February has rushed past and it is already close to the middle of March. I am amazed at the rapid passage of time, as I am sure most of you are as well. However that aside, yours truly is hoping to post again from her travels. Though I’ve finished my series on my ‘rihla’ to Turkey (please see archives with tag ‘travels’ or ‘Turkey’) I was intending to post on Jordan soon inshaAllah as I visited there after Turkey…and what a delightful visit it was, not to mention eye-opening.

For today, here is a talk I just listened to and as most of my readers may not know this lady, I thought I’d post it up here. This is Dr. Ingrid Mattson, the former president of North America’s largest Muslim organization – Islamic Society of North America. She is answers a number of pertinent questions to those of us living in the west, both Muslim and non-Muslim, in this interview, and I was struck both by the sincerity and fairness of the interviewer as much as by the sincerity and honesty of Dr. Mattson. I hope you will listen.

Muslims in America – a useful conversation

Assalaamu alaikum (peace be upon you)

I came across this on youtube and wanted to share it. It is refreshing to see an honest open conversation held in this way, where people are able to ask what is on their mind and in turn hear everyday Muslims answer.

Having said and shared, wanted also to share that I am currently blessed to be in the middle of the Canadian rockies, in Banff, Alberta. It is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to visit the rockies since I was a little girl growing up in a tropical island halfway around the world, for some odd reason, hooked on to John Denver’s timeless music (lyrics mostly 🙂 )
God has indeed blessed me in ways I could never have imagined and my being here is testament to that. Alhamdulillah (all thanks and praise be to God)
InshaAllah (God willing) more from this trip later.

Below is the clip, hope you get to listen.