Eagle soaring – adoration in the sky

I was reading this ayah tonight and it hit me that every Eagle I have every admired soaring, every humming bird vertically poised by super-speed wing beat, every bird I have ever loved to watch…this is why I love watching them. For they too are adoring the One, the Beautiful, the Perfect. Peace be with you all, assalamu alaikum



Alam tara anna Allaha yusabbihulahu man fee assamawati wal-ardiwattayru saffatin kullun qadAAalima salatahu watasbeehahu wallahuAAaleemun bima yafAAaloon

Yusuf Ali Interpretation

Seest thou not that it is Allah Whose praises all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread? Each one knows its own (mode of) prayer and praise. And Allah knows well all that they do.

Quran: Surat 24, An-Nur (The Light), ayah 41

Frangrance to greet laylatul qadr


Here is a little snapshot of my jasmine plant corner. Jasmine is not an easy plant to grow in rainy cold Vancouver, but MashaAllah my two jasmine plants have survived and thrived over five years of some pretty cold winters and gloomy summers. I took this picture and am sharing because my heart is delighted by the bounty of flowers…rarely do so many bloom at the same time. They are by the corner where is my rocking chair and favourite spot to recite quran. And indeed it is as if their blooming is a special gift to greet these blessed last ten nights of Ramadan. My Lord is most generous to me. Subtly watchful in His love and care. May we all have hearts aware of Allah’s rahma that is ever upon us.

Peace be with you all

Du’a Noora

Peace be upon you all and the continued blessings of Ramadan!

The du’a noora (supplication of light) is one of my favourite du’a. Our beloved messenger peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, used to make this du’a while walking to the mosque (and maybe at other times). While reflecting on this du’a it occurred to me that what we are asking is that we be cloaked by the presence of God.

As Noor (light) is one of the ‘names’ of Allah, and indeed we are taught in the Quran that God is light upon light, in the profound ‘ayaa-un-noor’ (verse of light) *given below. What a beautiful and profound supplication. When Allah cloaks us and the presence of God is all around and in us, then we are truly in unity with the One, the Only God.

God’s blessings be upon you all. Make this du’a often, it will wash away from you all pain – sincere advice from your sister 🙂

Here is the du’a, taken from this site

Allaahummaj’al fee qalbee nooran, wa fee lisaanee nooran, wa fee sam’ee nooran, wa fee basaree nooran, wa min fawqee nooran, wa min tahtee nooran, wa ‘an yameenee nooran, wa ‘an shimaalee nooran, wa min ‘amaamee nooran, wa min khalfee nooran, waj’al fee nafsee nooran, wa ‘a’dhim lee nooran, wa ‘adhdhim lee nooran. Waj’al lee nooran, waj’alnee nooran. Allaahumma ‘a’tinee nooran, waj’al fee ‘asabee nooran, wa fee lahmee nooran, wa fee damee nooran, wa fee sha’ree nooran, wa fee basharee nooran.[1][Allaahummaj’al lee nooran fee qabree, wa nooran fee ‘idhaamee.][2][Wa zidnee nooran, wa zidnee nooran, wa zidnee nooran.][3]
[Wa hab lee nooran ‘alaa noor.] [4]

O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light, and make me light. O Allaah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.[1][O Allaah, make for me a light in my grave… and a light in my bones.] [2] [Increase me in light, increase me in light, increase me in light.] [3] [Grant me light upon light] [4]

[1] Up to this point was reported by Al-Bukhaari 11/116 (Hadith no. 6316) and by Muslim 1/526, 529-530 (Hadith no. 763)
[2] At-Tirmidhi 5/483 (Hadith no. 3419)
[3] Al-Bukhaari in Al-’Adaab Al-Mufrad (Hadith no. 695), p. 258. See also Al-Albaani, Sahih Al-’Adab Al-Mufrad (no. 536)
[4] Al-Bukhaari, cf. Al-Asqalaani, Fathul-Baari 11/118


*Here is the verse of light, it is aya number 35 of Surah number 24, Surah-an-Nur (the chapter called light)

Sahih International interpretation of the Arabic:

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things.



A gift for the 27th night – reblogged from SuhaibWebb.com

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah, peace be upon you and the love of Allah

All praise and thanks to Allah, the most high, the most great, the most loving, the most generous! We have entered the last ten blessed days of Ramadan. The days that will see ‘laylat-ul-qadr’ the night of power, when the Quran was first revealed. This is a night considered to be like a thousand months, blessed and exalted. Many special prayers are made on this night. We all try to not miss it (i.e., waste it by sleeping when we could be seeking Allah’s blessed face in prayer, meditation and contemplation).

On SuhaibWebb.com, a beautiful du’a (supplication) by Sheikh Muhammed Jibril was posted. I wanted to copy it below. The arabic recitation is beautiful and can be found at the link above.

Allah bless and protect you all and grant us the blessing of meeting laylat-ul-qadr


Indeed, Allah speaks the truth. Indeed Allah speaks the truth, the One who is unique in His majesty by the perfection of His beauty, glorified and exalted.

He who sent down the clear Criterion (the Qur’an) to His servant ﷺ (peace be upon him) in order to make him a warner to the worlds; He who sent His noble messenger to the two mighty races of jinn and mankind to give glad tidings and to warn; and we are to this (truth) from among those who bear witness.

O Allah, guide us along with those whom You have guided aright; and grant us well-being along with those whom You have granted well-being; and protect us with those whom You have protected. Bless for us all that You have given us; and save us and keep away from us any evil that You have decreed. O Allah, save us and keep away from us any evil that You have decreed. O Allah, save us and keep away from us any evil that You have decreed, for verily You decree in truth, and none can decree over You. And none is abased whom You befriend, and none is honored whom You oppose. Blessed are You, our Lord, Exalted. To You, O Allah, all praise is due for what You have decreed, and to You, O Allah, is due all thanks for Your blessings and bounty. We seek forgiveness from (You) Allah, and we repent to You. We seek forgiveness from Allah, and we repent to You.

We seek forgiveness from You, O Allah, for every sin and every misstep (we have taken), and we turn to You in repentance. We believe in You and rely on You. You are the Rich, the Self-Sufficient and Free of Needs (al-Ghaniyy), and we are poor and bereft before You. You are the Strong (al-Qawiyy), and we are weak and vulnerable before You.

You are the Rich (al-Ghaniyy), and we are poor and bereft before You.  You are the Strong (al-Qawiyy), and we are weak and vulnerable before You.

You are the Rich (al-Ghaniyy), and we are poor and bereft before You.  You are the Strong (al-Qawiyy), and we are weak and vulnerable before You.

O Allah – You who connects with those who are cut off (from hope) – connect us to You.

O Allah, gift us with righteous action from You that will bring us closer to You.

O Allah, conceal (our faults) and protect us while we are on Earth, and when we are beneath the Earth, and on the Day when our deeds are presented to You.  [Repeated three times]

O Allah, beautify our standing before You.

O Allah, do not disappoint us on the Day we are presented before You to be judged. [Repeated three times]

O Allah, accept our prayers, our fasting, our standing in worship, our bowing and our prostration.

O Allah, accept our prayers.  O Allah, accept our fasting.  O Allah, accept our standing in worship.  O Allah, accept our bowing.  O Allah, accept our prostration. [Repeated three times]

O Allah, make us among those who are freed from the Fire this Ramadan. [Repeated three times]

O Allah, save us from the Fire. O Allah, save us from the Fire. O Allah, save us from the Fire. O Allah, protect us from the shame and disgrace of the Fire. O Allah, protect us from any deed that draws us closer to the Fire. O Allah, enter us into Paradise with the righteous, by Your mercy, O You Who is Most Noble (al-`Azeez), Oft-Forgiving (al-Ghaffar).

O Allah, make us, our Lord, in this month of ours, on this day of ours, on this very night, from those who are freed from the Fire, and make us from those who are accepted by You, the successful.

… By Your mercy, O Most Merciful of those who show mercy…

By Your mercy, O Most Merciful of those who show mercy…

By Your mercy, O Allah…

O Master and King (al-Malik), O Allah… O You Who is Sanctified and Pure (al-Quddus), O Allah… O Source and Giver of Peace (as-Salaam), O Allah… O Inspirer of Faith (al-Mu’min), O Allah… O Guardian of All Things (al-Muhaymin), O Allah… O Honorable and Mighty (al-`Azeez), O Allah…O You Who Compels His Servants and Mends the Broken (al-Jabbar), O Allah… O Grand and Majestic (al-Mutakabbir), O Allah… O Creator of All (al-Khaliq), O Allah… O Creator of All, O Allah…

O Maker of Order (al-Baari’), O Allah… O Shaper of Forms (al-Musawwir), O Allah… O Oft-Forgiving (al-Ghaffar), O Allah… O You Who Subdues His Servants (al-Qahhar), O Allah… O Giver of All (al-Wahhab), O Allah… O Sustainer (ar-Razzaq), O Allah… O Opener (al-Fattah), O Allah…

O All-Knowing One (al-`Aleem), O Allah… O You Who Restricts (al-Qaabidh), O Allah… O You Who Expands and Relieves (al-Baasit), O Allah… O You Who Abases (al-Khaafidh), O Allah… O You Who Exalts (ar-Raafi`), O Allah… O Bestower of Honor (al-Mu`izz), O Allah… O You Who Lowers (al-Mudhill), O Allah… O You Who Hears All (as-Sami`), O Allah… O You Who Sees All (al-Baseer), O Allah…

O You Who is the Absolute Judge (al-Hakam), O Allah… O You Who is Absolutely Just (al-‘Adl), O Allah… O Gentle and Subtly Kind (al-Lateef), O Allah… O All-Aware (al-Khabeer), O Allah… O Most Forbearing (al-Haleem), O Allah… O Magnificent (al-`Adheem), O Allah…

O You Who Forgives and Conceals (al-Ghafur), O Allah…  O You Who Appreciates and Rewards Thankfulness (al-Shakur), O Allah… O Knower of All Things (al-‘Aleem), O Allah… O Great One (al-Kabeer), O Allah… O Preserver (al-Hafeedh), O Allah O Nourisher of All Things (al-Muqeet), O Allah… O You Who Calls to Account (al-Haseeb) O Allah…

O Mighty and Majestic (al-Jaleel), O Allah… O Most Generous (al-Kareem), O Allah… O Most Generous, O Allah… O Ever-Watchful (al-Raqeeb), O Allah… O You Who Responds and Answers (al- Mujeeb), O Allah…

O Vast and Omnipotent One (al-Wasi`), O Allah… O Glorious One (al-Majeed), O Allah… O You Who Perceives and Finds (al-Waajid), O Allah… O Unique One (al-Waahid), O Allah… O You Who is Self-Sufficient and Free of Want (as-Samad), O Allah… O You Who is Capable and Strong (al-Qadir), O Allah…

O Creator of All Power (al-Muqtadir), O Allah…  O You Who Brings Forward (al-Muqaddim), O Allah… O You Who Delays (al-Mu’akhir), O Allah… O You Who is the First (al-Awwal), O Allah… O You Who is the First, O Allah… O You Who is the Last (al-Aakhir), O Allah… O You Who is Manifest (adh-Dhahir), O Allah… O You Who is Hidden (al-Batin), O Allah… O Close Protecting Guardian (al-Waaliy), O Allah… O Most High (al-Muta`aliy), O Allah… O Living, Eternal One (al-Hayy), O Allah… O Self-Subsisting One (al-Qayyum), O Allah… O Self-Subsisting One, O Allah… O Nourisher (al-Muqeet), O Allah… O You Who Gives Death (al-Mumeet), O Allah…

O Most Gentle and Gracious Bestower (al-Barr), O Allah… O Ever-Relenting One (at-Tawwab), O Allah… O Avenger (al-Muntaqim), O Allah… O Avenger, O Allah… O You Who Pardons (al-`Affuw), O Allah… O Most Kind (ar-Ra’uf), O Allah… O Most Kind, O Allah…

O Owner of All Sovereignty (Maliku’l Mulk), Lord of Majesty and Honor (Dhu’l Jalali wa’likram), O Allah… O Just and Equitable One (al-Muqsit), O Allah… O Gatherer (al-Jaami`), O Allah… O You Who is Rich and Free of Needs (al-Ghaniy), O Allah… O Enricher (al-Mughni), O Allah… O Witholder (al-Mani`), O Allah… O Distressor (ad-Daar), O Allah… O Guide (al-Haadi), O Allah… O Light (of the heavens and the Earth) (al-Nur), O Allah…

O Originator of All Things (al-Badi`), O Allah… O Infinite and Everlasting (al-Baaqi), O Allah… O Inheritor of All (al-Waarith), O Allah… O Guide to the Right Path (ar-Rasheed), O Allah… O Most Patient (as-Sabur), O Allah…

O Allah… O Allah… O Allah…

O You Whom there is nothing like – the Hearing (al-Sami`), the Seeing (al-Baseer), O Allah.

O You who are the best of protectors and the best of those who give help. Glory be to You. We cannot account for the praises that are due to You; You are as You praise Yourself. Sublime is Your Countenance; Exalted is Your position. You do as You will by Your Power and Ability, and You decree as You want by Your Honor. O Living, Self-Subsisting One (al-Hayy al-Qayum); Originator of the heavens and the Earth; Possessor of Majesty and Honor (Dhu’l-Jalali wa’l-Ikram).

O Allah, beautify us with the beauty of the Qur’an. O Allah, enter us into Paradise by the intercession of the Qur’an. O Allah, ennoble us by the nobility of the Qur’an. O Allah, dress us with the honorable mantle (khil`ah) of the Qur’an. O Allah, dress us with the honorable mantle of the Qur’an. O Allah, honor us with the honor of the Qur’an.

O Allah, have mercy on the entire community of Muhammad ﷺ, by the sanctity of the Qur’an, O Most Merciful (al-Raheem), Loving One (al-Rahman).

O Allah, guide us and lead us to the truth and to the straight path, by the blessings of the magnificent Qur’an; and by the sanctity of the one You have sent as a mercy to all the worlds ﷺ. And forgive us, O Most Generous (al-Kareem), and grant us well being, O Most Merciful (al-Raheem).

O Allah, make the Qu’ran the blossoming spring of our hearts, and the light of our chests, and the dispeller of our sadness and grief. O Allah, make the Qur’an a proof for us, and not a proof against us.

O Allah, make us those who read the Qur’an and become elevated… and do not make us those who read it and become wretched and humiliated.

O Allah, bestow on us, by every letter of the Qur’an (that we have read) a sweetness, and by every word (from its pages) magnanimity and generosity, and by every verse happiness and joy, and by every chapter peace and security, and by every section reward.

O Allah, bless us with contentment, and make beloved to us prayer in congregation, and help us to remember death, Our Lord, in every moment (of our lives).

O Allah… Resurrect us, Our Lord, with the Prophet ﷺ, the Chosen (al-Mustafa), the one to whom you have granted the right of intercession.

O Allah, we seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit; and from a heart that is not humbled in devotion to You; and from an eye that does not weep (out of love and awe of You); from an eye that does not weep; from an eye that does not weep; and from an ego that is never satisfied; and from a supplication that is not heard.

O Allah, we seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit; and from a heart that is not humbled in devotion to You; and from an eye that does not weep (out of love and awe of You); and from an ego that is never satisfied; and from a supplication that is not heard.

O Allah, we seek refuge in You from knowledge that does not benefit; and from action that is not elevated (to the heavens and accepted); and from an eye that does not weep (out of love and awe of You); and from an ego that is never satisfied; and from a supplication that is not heard.

O Allah, we ask you for knowledge that benefits; and for a heart that is humbled in devotion to You; and for a tongue busy with remembering You and expressing gratitude to You; and for actions that are righteous and accepted by You; and for a certainty (in You) that is genuine and true.

O Allah, we seek refuge in You from death and its agonies; and the grave and its distress; and the Sirat and its perils; and the Day of Rising and its terrors. [Repeated three times]

O Allah, make us fearful and conscious of You as if we see You; and grant us happiness through reverence of You (taqwa); and grant us the pleasure of seeing You (in Paradise); and gather us in the company of Your Prophet and Chosen One ﷺ (al-Mustafa). [Repeated three times]

O Allah, grant victory to Islam and honor the Muslims. O Allah raise high, with Your Grace, the two words of truth and religion.  O Allah, destroy the disbelievers who show hostile enmity to You and Your religion.

O Allah, bring the Muslims back to Your religion in a beautiful return (in repentance). [Repeated three times]

O Allah, grant success and victory to those striving in Your cause, wherever they may be. [Repeated three times]

O Allah, grant us success and victory over (the weaknesses of) of our own selves. [Repeated three times]

O Allah, respond to our du`a’, and heal our sick, and have mercy on our dead, and defeat our enemies. Do not disappoint us in our hope (in You); and let the last of our deeds be the best of them.

O Allah, fulfill from our hopes whichever please You; grant authority over our affairs to those who are the best of us, and not to those who are the worst of us.

O Allah, lift Your displeasure and anger from us. O Allah, lift Your displeasure and anger from us. O Allah, lift Your displeasure and anger from us, and do not call us to account for what we have done; and do not hold us accountable for what the foolish among us do; and do not place upon us, due to our sins, an authority who does not fear or revere You and who will not have mercy on us.

O Allah, purify our hearts; divest us of our faults; relieve our worries and troubles; protect us in the best way; and gather for us the best of the hereafter and the best of this life.

O Allah, rectify our condition. O Allah, join together and unite our hearts.

O Allah, allow our end to be concluded with righteous deeds.

O Allah, encompass us in the vastness of Your mercy.

O Allah, avert the harms and evils that concern and trouble us.

O Allah, allow us to pass away with sound faith, (faithful to) the Book and the Sunnah, and in a state in which You are pleased with us, O You Who is the Most Generous (al-Kareem).

O Allah, allow the Qur’an to be our close companion in this life; and in our graves a comforting friend; and a light on the Sirat; and an intercession at the time of resurrection; and our companion in Paradise; and make it a protection and barricade between us and the Hellfire; and a guide and leader to all good works, by Your Grace, O Most Generous of those who show generosity.

O Allah, distance us from our mistakes as You have distanced the East from the West. O Allah, purge our sins from us the way a white cloth is purified from filth; O Allah cleanse us from our sins with the (purity of) water, snow, and hail.

O Allah, You are the Forgiving (al-`Affuw), and You love to forgive, so please forgive us.  O Allah, You are the Forgiving (al-`Affuw), and You love to forgive, so please forgive us. O Allah, You are the Forgiving (al-`Affuw), the Generous (al-Kareem), the Forbearing (al-Haleem), the Great (al-`Adheem), and You love to forgive, so please forgive us.

O Allah, grant us well being and safety; pardon us; accept our deeds; accept us; accept our repentance, and excuse us, by Your loving Grace, O Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

Our Lord, accept from us (our deeds), You are the All-Hearing (as-Sami`), the All-Knowing (al-`Aleem).  Accept our repentance, Our Lord, You are the Oft-relenting (at-Tawwab), The Merciful (ar-Raheem). Forgive us and have mercy upon us, Our Lord, You are the Forgiving (al-Ghafur), the Merciful (ar-Raheem). Save us from sorrow and worry and the greatest distress (of punishment in the Hereafter). Save us from sorrow and worry and the greatest distress (of punishment in the Hereafter).

O Allah, bestow on us the gift of seeing Your Noble Countenance. [Repeated three times]

O Allah, make us from among those who have running beneath them the rivers of Paradise… “Their prayer therein will be, “Glory be to You, O Allah”; and their greeting (to one another) therein is, “Peace.”  And the conclusion of their prayer will be, “Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.” (Qur’an, 10:10)

“Our Lord, condemn us not if we forget or fall into error.  Our Lord, lay not on us a burden like that which you laid on those before us.  Our Lord, lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear.  Pardon us, and grant us forgiveness, and have mercy on us.  You are our Protector.  Help us against those who stand against faith.” (Qur’an, 2:286)

“Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You; for You art the Grantor of bounties without measure. Our Lord, surely it is You Who will gather mankind together on the Day about which there is no doubt, for verily, Allah never fails in His promise.” (Qur’an, 3:8-9)

“Our Lord, forgive us our sins and anything we may have done that transgressed our duty.  Establish our feet firmly, and help us against those that resist Faith.” (Qur’an, 3:147)

“Our Lord, indeed whoever You admit to the Fire – You have disgraced him, and for the unjust wrongdoers there are no helpers.  Our Lord, indeed we have heard a caller calling to faith, [saying], ‘Believe in your Lord,’ and we have believed. Our Lord, so forgive us our sins and remove from us our misdeeds and cause us to die with the righteous.  Our Lord, and grant us what You promised us through Your messengers and do not disgrace us on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, You do not fail in [Your] promise.” (Qur’an, 3:192-194)

“In Allah do we put out trust. Our Lord, make us not a trial for those who practice oppression; and save us, by Your mercy, from those who reject You.”  (Qur’an, 10:8-9)

“Our Lord, In You (Alone) we put our trust, and to You (Alone) we turn in repentance, and to You (Alone) is (our) final return.  Our Lord, make us not a test and a trial for the disbelievers, but forgive us, our Lord, for You are the Exalted in might, the Wise.” (Qur’an, 60:4-5)

“Our Lord, forgive us and our brethren who came before us into the faith, and leave not, in our hearts, ill feeling against those who have believed.  Our Lord, You are indeed full of kindness, most merciful.” (Qur’an, 59:10)

O Allah, to You we lovingly submit; and in You we believe; and upon You do we rely. To You we turn (in repentance), and by You we argue (and advocate). Forgive us for what we have sent forth (in deeds) and for what we have held back; for what we have made known, and for what we have hidden; and for (our deeds) which You have more knowledge of than we ourselves.

O Allah, be compassionate with us, for You are the One who shows us mercy. Do not punish us for our sins, for You are the Powerful over us. Be gracious and kind to us, Our Lord, for what has come to pass in our time and place; and (we ask You, O Allah) to conclude our lives for us with a beautiful and joyful ending. 

“Exalted is Your Lord, the Lord of Might and Honor, above what they describe; and peace be on the messengers (of God); and all praise is due to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the worlds.” (Qur’an, 37:180-182)

Send peace and blessings, O Allah, on our master Muhammad, and upon his blessed family and noble companions.  Ameen.

‘the highest part of it is fruitful and the lowest part of it is gushing forth with bounty’

Assalamu alaikum, Peace be with you all,

It is sad the miracle of the Quran doesn’t come through in translation. That is why we Muslims say the Quran cannot be translated, only interpreted in another language. The absolute beauty, profoundness, majesty, …the light…that is the arabic doesn’t come close to coming through. Now that I am formally studying classical arabic, I catch a glimpse of what the original text is, and Subhahanallah (Glory be to God!), by God, I swear, it transports me! It is as if another world is opened.

I came across this passage of how one of the compatriots of Muhammed (peace be upon him), a staunch enemy of Islam before he embraced it (and then a firm defender of the faith, like so many others) and best known for his skill in oratory and poetry, how he described the quran. It was given at the end of this post by Maryam AmirEbrahimi, itself well worth reading. I wanted to share it;

This is the Book that, in response to Abu Jahl who said: “Say to Muhammad something that would convince your people that you oppose him,” Al-Walid ibn Al-Mughirah replied: “And what can I possibly say? There is not a single man who is more knowledgeable of poetry or prose than I, or even that of the Jinn, and by Allah, what he says (the Qur’an) bears no resemblance to these things. By Allah, what he says has a sweetness to it, and a charm upon it; the highest part of it is fruitful and the lowest part of it is gushing forth with bounty; it dominates and cannot be dominated, and it crushes all that is under it.” (Reported by al at-Tabari in ‘Jami’ al-Bayan’ 29/156)

May you continue to strengthen your relationship with the Quran in this month of its celebration.

Allah bless and protect and forgive us all! And please please make du’a for me that I master the Arabic language!

oh the Quran!

The beautiful sounds of the recitation of the quran during the long prayers of these peaceful Ramadan nightsease my soul and energize my heart.

They waft over me like waves of incense,are as solid as my mother’s arms that held me in infancy. Their timeless rhyme and profound rhythm captures my attention and controls my heart.

Turning, turning, turning back to the One, back to where I came from, Reminding, reminding, reminding…sounds of home ease my soul’s on its foray in to this transient world. Reminding me of my eternal home. Reminding me of who is waiting there for my return.

The above prose is my simple way of trying to communicate the deep peace and joy of listening to the Quran. Last night we were blessed by such a profound and beautiful recitation during the prayer. The prayer was conducted by students on campus, so it was a student who recited (students take turns to lead the prayer), and only a short passage was recited. But it was soulful, slow, melodic, profound, each word pronounced correctly, each word felt. Ah, this is how to honour the Quran! All who listened were transported, and the veils on the heart were lifted. We had found our way home. I wish I could share a recording of it. Since I can’t I’ll post a youtube below. I chose the chapter 12, ‘Yusuf’ (the arabic version for Joseph) one of my most beloved chapters, and telling the beautiful story of Joseph (peace be upon him)

Peace be with you all


Joymanifest (c) 2013.


One of the greatrest blessings of tribulation is that it forces one to end self-reliance and instead rely on God. This is another of the meanings of that profound verse in the Quran…repeated twice…in surah 97, which is aptly titled ‘inshirah’ a word that can be translated as ‘the expanding of the chest’ meaning increasing one’s understanding or realization. The verse is
‘inna ma al usri yusra…/ inna ma al usri yusra…’
Meaning ‘ verily, with hardship, is ease / verily, with hardship is ease’

– I have translated to the best of my ability as I am on the road. I believe it is right though God willing. But please forgive any errors.

So Ibn Ata’allah, a great Islamic scholar advised us to ‘bury oneself in the soil of insignificance, and then like the seed, to be brought to fruition’

So I pray, ‘O my Lord, empty myself of me and fill me with Thee’
– ameen

Peace be with you all and may whatever hardship you go through bring you also to the One and to peace.
Assalamu alaikum

Tawhid -‘one-ness’

A dear sister sent me this email, with a reflection on the verse below I believe from a weekly Quran reminder page on FB that she found;

Allah, the Most High, says:
“… and among them is he who is foremost in good deeds by permission of
Allah.” [Surat Fatir: 32]

A Reflection: Reading this verse should cause any form of conceit or arrogance to die off in your heart. No matter how great your good deed is, all praise is for Allah as He granted you permission to do it and facilitated it to be done.


Receiving this it seems this is one of the essences of tawhid (unity). The true one-ness of the God-head. He is above and beyond, supreme beyond all else, transcendent and at the same time utterly imminent, utterly near, utterly present, utterly All.

And so this truth; you are one and you will return to the One.



And indeed all good in me is from God and God alone.


Moons outshine stars

Moons outshine stars

And the sun outshines them all

I stay awake at night

and in the days am bathed

by light upon light

in the night, am enveloped

with cool breezes of mercy


Closeness with my Beloved

fills my heart and all other pales

as it should

for ‘truth stands clear from error

and whoever has grasped the handhold of God

knows that it will never break’

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A little verse I wanted to share, there is truly no tranquility except the tranquility of knowing one’s Lord and being at one with THE ONE. The last lines are derived from one of the most celebrated verses in the holy Quran given below. Thought I’d post it up. May it lighten your day and bring you closer to the source.

Peace to all. Assalamu alaikum

Yusuf Ali Interpretation

Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.

Quran (2:256)

Renew, awake…like the dead seed brought to life, sprout and grow

Alhamdulillah (praise and thanks to God) spring time is here again! Once more to be blessed with life to witness the blossoming of the cherry trees, to listen to the birds returning, to feel the sweet sun on one’s skin and to walk with bear feet over soft grass. God’s blessings are everywhere and surround us always, how often though our distractions take our attention away from the signs all around. So thanks to my Creator, the One, who does not sleep, does not tire, does not die, without beginning and without end, who looks after me. So thanks and praise to my Creator from whom I came and to whom I will return.

I was reading tonight some ayaath in the Quran, that talked about the sprouting of the seed. You know this whole idea of the seeds….they used to fascinate me as a teenager and they still do. How is it that the seed does sprout? If any botanist out there knows please let me know. I am a geneticist and I know we still don’t fully understand how a single cell divides. What fascinates me is the concept of dormancy and then to have life. I mean from a pure biological sense (nevermind the metaphysical, though that too is something to talk about indeed!). I wonder how DNA, which is the cellular ‘mission control’ or ‘code’ but really its just a massive chemical…how does it suddenly start up, how does a cell stay in a suspended state without cellular death… I could go on for a long long time with one question after another, but enough now. This is a train of thought that won’t end easily 🙂 Well, I guess my Lord guided me right in making me a scientist, one would need a lifetime to figure out why. Or rather several lifetimes of several people. And so hoping to add my small contributions to those of so many who have passed before. And all and only for the pleasure of the Creator, who loves to be known. And indeed studying His immaculate creation is mesmerizing. We have a philosophy in our tradition; that we study the creation to know the Creator. This is what the Quran constantly enjoins..’think’/’ponder’/’read’/’observe’…and what countless great scientists of the Islamic world have been upon for centuries inspired by that message. I heard a well known scholar say that the Arabic word for ‘discovery’ is the same as ‘ecstasy’. A huge grin on hearing that, for indeed a true discovery (nevermind what it is about) is truly ecstasy! I think this is because a true discovery brings one insight about the Maker, and how can the heart but delight in moving closer to the Beloved. And God knows best.

With that happy sharing out of thoughts with you my dear reader, I leave you with these beautiful verses from the Quran, only wish I could also share a recording of their recitation…for it is amazingly powerful yet amazingly peaceful. The English translation (or interpretation, the Quran really cannot be translated in the pure sense of the word ‘translation’) I have chosen is from the early 20th century Yusuf Ali translation, as the English used by him comes closest in my opinion to capturing something of the poetic beauty of the Arabic. Though of course, rhythm and rhyme are completely not there.


It is Allah Who causeth the seed-grain and the date-stone to split and sprout. He causeth the living to issue from the dead, and He is the one to cause the dead to issue from the living. That is Allah: then how are ye deluded away from the truth?
He it is that cleaveth the day-break (from the dark): He makes the night for rest and tranquillity, and the sun and moon for the reckoning (of time): Such is the judgment and ordering of (Him), the Exalted in Power, the Omniscient.
It is He Who maketh the stars (as beacons) for you, that ye may guide yourselves, with their help, through the dark spaces of land and sea: We detail Our signs for people who know.
It is He Who hath produced you from a single person: here is a place of sojourn and a place of departure: We detail Our signs for people who understand.
It is He Who sendeth down rain from the skies: with it We produce vegetation of all kinds: from some We produce green (crops), out of which We produce grain, heaped up (at harvest); out of the date-palm and its sheaths (or spathes) (come) clusters of dates hanging low and near: and (then there are) gardens of grapes, and olives, and pomegranates, each similar (in kind) yet different (in variety): when they begin to bear fruit, feast your eyes with the fruit and the ripeness thereof. Behold! in these things there are signs for people who believe.
Quran (6:95-99)
With that, peace be with you all, may you be in internal and external peace…there is so much strife spreading in the world.. so this greeting, Assalamu alaikum (‘peace be to you’ how the Quran instructs us to greet people, it is used to take leave as well) to you is a prayer as well.